Saath Nibhaana Saathiya 2 6th November 2020 Written Update: Anant complaints to Praful about Kanak

Saath Nibhaana Saathiya 6th November 2020 Written Update on

Episode begins with Anant tells Gehna to see the stars through telescope and by doing this she can see them near. She gets excited and enjoys seeing the stars. Then she gets emotional saying she saw her parents very near to her. She says they are not here with her now and shows the stars to him saying they are her parents.

Next day, Kanak thinks whenever Praful praises Gehna she feels like throwing him out of the house instead of Gehna. Gehna gives prasad to everyone and Sagar holder her hand under the plate, she tries to take it from him but his grip is strong and he leaves her.

Praful says even though he too already decided about it and Kokila too suggested the same thing to him, that is he will keep one part of cheque amount for Gehna. His son’s and daughter in laws shocks hearing him. Anant smiles at Gehna. Jamuna says they can talk about it after breakfast.

Chetan tells Hema that now they can’t talk to Praful about Gehna otherwise Anant will interfere and spoil everything for them. Praful says today too all food are Anant’s favorite. Anant says he is going for workout so will have the breakfast later.

Gehna tries to talk to Hema about Sagar. Hema says she just started to eat. Gehna says she wants to talk to her about Sagar. Hema asks what she want to talk about him. Gehna tells her about Sagar’s behavior. Hema twists Gehna’s hand and scolds her for blaming her brother. She says his standard is not that much low that he will start looking at servant. She says she already dreamed big even though just now Praful said she will get her share in cheque amount. She asks how dare she to connect her name with Sagar. She says Gehna just looks naive but such a evil soul she is. She says Sagar’s character is pure and warns her to not cross her limit and stay away from her brother too.

Pankaj asks about what Kanak thinking. She says she is thinking about cheque amount only and Praful should not give share to Gehna no matter what and also Anant should return to abroad and that will be good for them because he is interfering in every matters and Praful, Jamuna listening him so they should be careful.

Kanak sees a disguised Gopi from behind and asks who is that. Pankaj says that person would be someone related to Gopi kaka and tells her to ignore it. He tells her to think about the plan to get the cheque amount from Praful otherwise Hema will get the amount using her kids.

Gopi tells Gopi kaka that she went to do yoga because she woke up early today and yoga helps to refresh our mind.He praises her and leaves from there saying he is going to the market to buy few things. She calls Doctor and asks about Ahem’s current condition. Doctor says he consulted with neurologist and they suggested that she should make patient face some important incident which happened in his past and that can help him to get the memory back.

She calls Kokila and asks about her arrival. Kokila says she will reach evening and feels Gopi sounds tensed. Gopi thinks she has to arrange the meeting of Ahem and Kokila, it’s so dangerous so she should be careful. Gehna helps Piyush, Sanchi in her studies when she was about to sit on the sofa, Kanak scolds her. Hearing her Anant takes stand for Gehna. Anant complaints about Kanak to Praful. Praful says Kanak, Hema treats Gehna as their younger sister so he would have misunderstood.

Episode ends.

Precap – Kanak tells Kokila to concentrate on her daughter in law before interfering in others matters.

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