Saath Nibhaana Saathiya 2 8th April 2021 Written Update: Anant brings Radhika to Desai Mansion

Saath Nibhaana Saathiya 2 8th April 2021 Written Update on

Episode begins with Tiya says to Paresh that they has to send Gehna to her room then only they can start the decorations. Paresh asks her to do something because Gehna keep doing work. Tiya says to Gehna that now she is Mrs. Surat and asks her to go to room and wear designer dress. Gehna refuses saying she has lot of work to do. Sanchi and Piyush comes there with water balloons. Seeing them, Paresh gets an idea. He tells Kids to play with Gehna. Kids tries to throw water balloons at Gehna but they fails in every attempt.

Kanak comes there and thinks to throw water balloon at Gehna to hurt her and throws it at Gehna successfully in her first attempt itself. Tiya and Paresh smiles seeing that. Gehna looks at Kids and goes to her room to change the dress. Paresh says to Tiya that its time to execute the next part of their plan and gives duplicate lizard to her. Tiya puts it in front of Gehna’s door. On the other hand, Anant gets surprised seeing Radhika’s so many big photo frames in the hall. Radhika says to Anant that it was her husband’s idea. She tells Anant to sit and goes to kitchen to make coffee for him. She receives her husband’s call.

Anant thinks Radhika is not smiling in any picture and hears sound and moves towards the kitchen. Gehna gets afraid seeing the lizard and screams in fear. She locks herself in the room and informs Tiya about the lizard. Tiya tells her to stay in the room only until lizard leaves from there. Radhika asks her husband Vineet that why he is keep insulting her by doubting her. Anant hears her and thinks Radhika definitely hiding something from him.

Kanak gets afraid seeing duplicate lizard and collides with Tiya while running from there. Paresh taunts Kanak. Hema realises that’s duplicate lizard and throws it at Kanak. Kanak screams and runs from there. Paresh and Tiya starts the decorations. Tiya tells the Kids that its surprise party. Kanak wonders for whom they are planning this surprise party.

Gehna thinks Anant went to submit her application form but he is not even picking the call. Kids talks about decorations. Gehna hears that and smiles thinking Anant planning surprise birthday party for her. Anant shocks seeing Radhika laying on the floor and realises that she attempted suicide. He calls Sapan and informs him that Radhika consumed lot of sleeping pills. Sapan tells Anant to do something. Anant treats Radhika.

Radhika regains her consciousness and cries hugging Anant. She says her husband suspects her for every small thing and tortures her. He asks then why she married Vineet. She tells him that how she met Vineet and how he proposed her. She says Anant asked her to move on in her life so she accepted the proposal. She shows the bruises to him.

He blames himself for her condition. She tells him to go to house saying Gehna must be waiting for him and says she is his past and Gehna is his present. Tiya brings Gehna to downstairs. Gehna smiles seeing the decorations and Anant too comes there. Hema asks Anant about Gehna’s surprise gift. Radhika comes there and Desai family shocks seeing her.

Episode ends.

Precap – Gehna confronts Anant.

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