Saath Nibhaana Saathiya 2 8th June 2021 Written Update: Anant finds Kanak

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Screenshot 2021 0421 184657

Saath Nibhaana Saathiya 2 8th June 2021 Written Update on

Episode begins with Desai family sees the dead body. On the other hand, Jamuna prays for Kanak’s safety. Praful and others reaches Desai mansion. Anant hugs Pankaj and tells him that, that’s not Kanak’s dead body and asks him to not cry saying that they will find Kanak as soon as possible. Jigna asks Desai’s to stop their drama and taunts them for throwing their daughter in law out of the house at midnight and asks them that who does that. Jamuna says to her that they treated Kanak as their daughter. Jigna accuses them saying that they tortured Kanak a lot.

Gehna asks her to calm down and they can understand her anger but they won’t let anything happen to Kanak and Police also searching her. Jigna threatens to put them behind the bars if Kanak doesn’t return then and decides to stay in the Desai mansion until her daughter returns to her. Hema thinks that she could not able to do anything for Kanak and everything happening because of Gehna so she will make sure to teach lesson to Gehna.

After some time, Jigna calls her husband and tells him that still she didn’t get any news about Kanak and don’t know who hurt Kanak from Desai family and disconnects the call. Hema tells her that Gehna is responsible for everything. On the other hand, Kanak recalls Panjak’s words.

Jigna slaps Gehna for throwing Kanak out of the house. She hurts Gehna and Jamuna asks Jigna to leave Gehna. Jigna tells Jamuna that Gehna spoiled Kanak’s life. Anant tells her that Gehna did nothing like that and asks her to leave Gehna. He accepts that Pankaj throw Kanak out of the house but he did that because Kanak tried to send Gehna to jail in false case but they searched Kanak everywhere because they cares about her. Jamuna warns Jigna to not slap Gehna again.

Gehna gets worried for Kanak. Anant assures her saying that nothing will happen to Kanak and promises to find her in 24 hours and asks her to take rest because her head paining a lot and goes to meet Panjak. Jigna tells Hema that she won’t leave anyone if Kanak doesn’t return in 24 hours then.

Gehna gets relieved seeing Kanak. Kanak says to her that now the latter must be happy because she successfully throw her out of the house and asks her to smile. She tells her that she become beggar because of her and Gehna used to give lectures about family but at end she is the one who broke the family. Gehna tells her that now Kanak returned. Kanak tells her that she won’t return to Desai mansion. Gehna tries to stop her and Hema also blames Gehna. And it turns out to be Gehna’s dream.

Few boys sees Kanak and follows her. Anant also sees Kanak and informs Gehna that he found Kanak. Gehna informs about it to Desai family. Anant wonders that where Kanak went now.

Episode ends.

Precap – Gehna is about to fall but someone catch her.

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