Saath Nibhaana Saathiya 2 9th April 2021 Written Update: Anant hides Radhika’s marriage truth from Gehna

Saath Nibhaana Saathiya 2 9th April 2021 Written Update on

Episode begins with Gehna shocks seeing Radhika in Desai mansion. Kanak thinks Radhika is Gehna’s surprise gift and smirks. She asks she never thought that Anant will bring Radhika as gift for Gehna. Jamuna shouts at Kanak. Kanak says to her that she was just joking and says she knows that Radhika just came to attend Gehna’s birthday party. Anant says to his family that they should cut the cake now. Gehna cuts the cake and everyone claps. Praful and Jamuna blesses Gehna. Everyone wishes Gehna one by one. Kanak says to Gehna that if she knows about her birthday then she would have brought gift for her like Anant. She asks Anant about Gehna’s gift. Anant goes out of the house.

Paresh says to Radhika that it’s late so he will drop her in the house. Anant enters the house with Radhika’s luggage and informs his family that Radhika will stay with them from now on. Everyone shocks hearing him. Jamuna takes him aside, and asks him that why he brought Radhika to their house. She says to him that if Radhika stays here then what Gehna will feel. Anant recalls how he asked Radhika to stay in his house. Radhika agreed to stay in his house and asks him to not reveal about her marriage truth to anyone. She says to him that she doesn’t want anyone to blame themselves for her condition especially Praful, Jamuna and Gehna.

She says to him that she can’t let them feel gulity and also she doesn’t want anyone to see her with sympathy. He promises to her saying he won’t tell the truth to anyone. He comes to reality hearing Jamuna’s voice. He says to Jamuna that Radhika’s husband is busy with his business tour so he can’t let Radhika stay in that house alone that’s why he brought her. Jamuna tries to talk to Radhika but Praful stops her. Anant says to Radhika that he will keep her luggage in the guest room. Radhika nods at him. They moves towards guest room.

Pankaj and Chetan criticises Anant’s decision. Sapan thinks Anant hiding the truth so he also won’t tell anyone about today’s incident. Tiya asks Paresh that why Anant brought Radhika to their house. Paresh says to her that he just knows that Radhika’s entry will affect Anant and Gehna’s relationship. Hema says to Gehna that Radhika is such a cunning person and asks her to do something. Gehna says to her that she will talk to Anant and she knows that he will tell the truth to her.

Gehna enters her room and sees watch in gift box then she wears the necklace Anant brought for her. Anant talks about Radhika and hides the truth from Gehna. Gehna thinks Anant definitely hiding something from her. She says to him that first time someone celebrated her birthday so she is happy.

Radhika says to Kanak that her plan worked. Kanak plans to spoil Anant’s surprises which he planned for Gehna. Radhika says to her that she can’t see Anant and Gehna together. Kanak says to her that Anant will spend time with Radhika. Anant says to Gehna that he planned many surprises for her. Radhika spoils the surprise.

Episode ends.

Precap – Radhika leaves the house and Anant follows her.

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