Saath Nibhaana Saathiya 2 9th November 2020 Written Update: Jamuna talks about Gehna’s marriage

Saath Nibhaana Saathiya 9th November 2020 Written Update on

Episode begins with Gopi kaka scolds Gehna for putting her life in danger and asks what would happen to him if anything happens to her then and asks didn’t she thought about him. She apologize to him. He tells her to sit there silently and he is going to bring medicine for her injury.

Later Anant comes there and thanks her for saving everyone’s life and gives ointment to her. He sits there and tells her to sit. She says Gopi kaka was worried about her so went to bring medicine for her. He says she needs to put the ointment now otherwise infection may spread and takes the ointment from her saying he will help her. She says she can do that but he says she saved his family so he can do at least this much for her and he starts to treat her injured leg.

Desai’s and Modi’s does pooja. Jamuna thanks God for saving her family from Goons. Kokila prays to God to let Anant stay with his parents always. Gopi prays to God to help her to unite Kokila and Ahem. Kanak says she wants 1crore from Praful. Chetan tells Hema that the Goons were arranged by Kanak to get money from Praful.

Praful gets calls from someone and shatters after that. Anant gives water to him and asks is he fine. He asks who called him. Praful says call was for Anant and he got selected in America for job so he has to leave next week. Gehna thinks Praful, Jamuna were so happy seeing Anant here and she never saw them that much happy but now what will happen to them. Jamuna says he came home after years now again leaving for years.

Kanak gets happy saying God listened her prayer this soon. Praful tells him to do what he wants to do and says his blessings are with him always. Jamuna tells Praful to stop Anant instead encouraging him to leave from here. Kanak says it’s an great opportunity for Anant so Jamuna should not stop him.

She tells him to concentrate on his job and they will handle everything here. Kokila interferes her saying let Anant take decision for himself and asks him to think before taking any decision. Anant calls America and informs them that he can’t accept their job for his personal reasons. His parents gets happy and hugs him. Anant says till now his brothers took care of his parents now he will do that by staying with them. Kokila praises Anant saying he is diamond and Praful, Jamuna’s upbringing is so good.

Gehna gives Praful’s medicine to him. Jamuna expresses her happiness to Gehna. She says she just has to find a good girl for Anant now and after that she will find groom for Gehna. Gehna says she won’t go anywhere leaving them and starts to cry. Praful cheers her mood. Pankaj thanks Anant and says he got 1lakh from him.

Anant tells him to share his problems to Kanak and leaves from there. Kanak says Anant interferes in others matters a lot. Chetan tells Hema that Kanak got 1lakh with her planning and they were not aware of her plan untill she executes it. Kanak notices Gopi too not walking properly and doubts her and says something is fishy for sure. Kokila taunts Kanak for not knowing kitchen work. Kanak tells her to first handle Gopi then talk about others. Kokila says she won’t leave her if Kanak lying to her then.

Episode ends.

Precap – Kanak brings Gopi’s truth in front of Kokila.

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