Saath Nibhaana Saathiya 2: Gehna leaves the house

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With viewers witnessing the drama followed by Anant and Gehna’s marriage. Now everyone is making sure that Gehna’s life is living hell. Everyone is blaming her even Jamuna. Gehna is broken from inside as she never thought this would how Jamuna would react. Gehna will be broken and crying. Gehna will also start blaming herself for all the mishappenings in the house. Viewers think that Praful made Gehna’s life difficult by taking this decision as Gehna always wanted to stay as a daughter.

Tiya will try to explain Gehna how Anant needs time to move on. Gehna has lost all hopes. Gehna doesn’t think she has any right on this family and especially Anant. While everyone sleeps, Gehna plans her escape. She packs her clothes and she starts to leave but then remembera to take sindoor as she is married now. Here, Anant recalls Radhika. Whereas Gehna is recalling the marriage and how Anant wants her to study.

Gehna thinks Anant has done so much and has given so much sacrifice that he deserves a letter of explanation. She writes how it’s all her fault and he never wanted Jamuna to be broken or this family to suffer. She never wanted Radhika to feel bad too. She asks for forgiveness, keeps the letter and leaves. Anant notices her and thinks where is she leaving. Sagar notices everything but plans to do something mischievous. He takes the jewels of Gehna and letter. He thinks this will make everyone suspect Gehna.

Sagar will also plan to trouble Gehna so he follows her. Anant also starts following Gehna. Gehna feels someone is following, she runs and collides with Sagar. Sagar tries to misbehave with Gehna. Some guys make sagar go away, Gehna feels safe but then those guys will trouble Gehna and Anant comes to rescue. Till the time Nanat manages the goons, Gehna runs. Hema worries about Sagar and he lies that Gehna ran away with a guy. Praful get’s worried and goes into thoughts.

With Gehna missing, Anant feels he failed in his responsibility towards Gehna and worries for her. Anant feels very guilty, he will start thinking about ways in which he can find Gehna. But the question still remains will Gehna return? What will Anant do to make Gehna come and live a normal life? Will Praful believe in Sagar’s lies?

In the upcoming episodes, we will see Anant will finally manage to find Gehna but will Gehna come back to a home where everyone is against her? Keep following this space for more.