Saath Nibhaana Saathiya 2: Radhika to spike Gehna’s drink?

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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 is seeing a important track where Gehna is going to give her first examination and take step towards her career. Despite, Kanak and Radhika’s plan to fail Gehna, it will be interesting to watch hoe will Gehna fullfill this step to reach closer towards her dream. The makers have brought a plot twist with Radhika returning and planning to seperate Anant and Gehna, this will ruin the special moments between Gehna and Anant. It will be interesting to watch how will Gehna tackle this problem and reveal all the lies told by Radhika!

In the current track, Anant’s friend will say it has Anant and Gehna’s handwriting only. Kanak will tell Radhika she threw the notes written by Radhika. Gehna will later tell Anant how she saw Kanak in their room. Anant will blame Kanak and tell Radhika he can’t go to party as he needs to teach Gehna. Gehna feels good that Anant is teaching him. Radhika sees their closeness and gets jealous. Radhika brings coffee for Gehna which has sleeping pills.

Next day to Kanak and Radhika’s surprise, Gehna wakes up all fresh and early. They see that instead of Gehna, Anant took the coffee. Later, Anant gets a call for job interview, he is about to say no as he has to take Gehna with him but Gehna says you go and I will go on my own. Radhika offers to take Gehna. Everyone blesses Gehna. Radhika and Kanak smirks thinking how Gehna will be failing. Here, Anant finds that he already got the job and when he calls Gehna he is shocked to hear that Gehna has still not reached the exam center.

In the upcoming episodes, Radhika will stop the car at a place where she will see no autos are there. She will pretend that the car is not starting and will tell Gehna they can’t go by this car now. Gehna will panic.

Will Gehna know the real reason for Anant’s changed attitude? Will Radhika’s real motive be fulfilled in Desai mansion?

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