Saath Nibhaana Saathiya 2: Vineet to save Gehna!

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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 is seeing a important track where Anant’s boss turns out to be Radhika’s husband. Here, Radhika and Kanak will be seen trying their best to potray Vineet to be arogant but fate has decided something else. Despite, Kanak and Radhika’s plan to fail, they will be going again after Gehna and her dreams. It will be interesting to watch how will Gehna fullfill this step to reach closer towards her dream. The makers have brought a plot twist with Radhika becoming Anant’s boss to seperate Anant and Gehna. It will be interesting to watch how will Gehna tackle this problem and reveal all the lies told by Radhika!

In the current track, Gehna says she knew Kanak never liked her but never thought she will go to this extent so she is going to tell everyone. Kanak says how can you say I did it. Gehna says only you knew it was geography exam today. Kanak tries to bring Hema to her side by blackmailing about Sagar but Hema doesn’t fall weak. Later, Hema calls Sagar and tells him all this and not to trouble Gehna. Radhika calls Anant but the call gets disconnected and when Anant calls Radhika, Vineet picks up and gives to Radhika.

Gehna thinks to give Vineet the photo frame in person. Gehna meets Vineet and gives him the photo frame. Vineet thanks her and invites her in but Gehna says she needs to go. Sagar attacks Gehna and Vineet saves her and gets hurt. Sagar gets hospitalized and undergoes surgery. Anant worries for Gehna as she went alone to meet Vineet. Anant and family comes to the hospital. Gehna praises Vineet how he saved her. Anant thanks Vineet. Gehna consoles Hema who is worried for critical condition of Sagar. Kanak blames Gehna but Gehna says that she never wished this on Sagar.

In the upcoming episodes, Gehna will allow Sagar to live in Desai mansion.

Who will release Gehna from jail? Will Anant know about the real side of Vineet? Will Gehna know the real reason for Anant’s changed attitude? Will Radhika’s real motive be fulfilled in Desai mansion?

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