Saath Nibhaana Saathiya 2 Weekly Update: Gehna finds her family.

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This week Saath Nibhaana Saathiya 2  begins with Jamuna is about to move towards the kitchen to cook but Kanak stops her and asks her to get some rest. Anant agrees with Kanak and asks Desai ladies to get some rest because he is going to order food from outside. He gives Diwali gifts to Desai’s. Then he gives pendant to Gehna which has Desai’s and her father’s picture. She tells him that it would have been really good if her family was also with her. Meanwhile, Swara delivers food in Desai house. Hema insults her. Jamuna gets hurt when wall collapses and falls on her. She screams for help. Hema blames Kanak and Jamuna asks her to not do that.

Remaining part of wall falls on Jamuna so Gehna and Swara comes in between to save Jamuna and only Gehna notices Swara. After some time, Jamuna thanks Gehna for saving her life. Gehna wonders that where Swara went. Swara gives money to her mother Kusum. Kusum asks her to find a good guy and marry him. Swara tells her that she want to become a actress and that is her only dream. Gehna tells Kanak that wall collapsed because of the latter and she is going to expose her.

Kanak accepts that she was behind that. Gehna reveals that Sagar gave statement against her so now no one can save her from ending up in jail. Kusum enters Desai house with other ladies for work. Kanak finds Gehna father’s picture with Kusum and she learns that Kusum is Gehna’s mother. She asks to meet her after 2 days. She plans to use this secret against Gehna. Later, Police arrests Kanak. Kanak hugs Gehna and thanks for sending her to jail because she can finish the work by staying in the jail and tells that she knows her secret.

On the other hand, Swara gives money to agent to get chance to participate in the audition. She beats him when he tried to take advantage of her and she snatches the money from him. Anant hugs Gehna saying that he missed her so much. She tells him that what Kanak said to her. He gets angry at her for talking about Kanak so she apologizes to him. Next day, Anant and Gehna visits law college for Gehna’s admission. Anant hits Swara with his car and Gehna helps Swara. They drops Swara in her home and Anant leaves from there. Agent comes there and threatens Swara. Gehna yells at him for his behaviour towards Swara. He tries to misbehave with them so they beats him. Police arrests him. Gehna leaves for market to buy puja ingredients.

Priest explains the importance of puja to Jamuna and tells her that they should begin the puja on time. Gehna sees fire in Swara’s house and enters the house and rescues Kusum and Swara. Jamuna tells Praful that Gehna didn’t reach the house yet and if they can’t perform this puja today then, they can’t perform never. Anant calls Gehna but no response from other side. Kusum tries to enter the house to get an important box but Swara and Gehna stops her saying that that’s dangerous. Gehna enters the house again and gets that important box. She picks her father’s picture and puts it in her bag without seeing it. Jamuna gets upset with Gehna. Gehna brings Swara and Kusum to Desai house. She informs Desai’s about fire accident.

Two guys tries to take Swara for dance performance but Kusum opposes it. Anant gives the advance money to those guys. Jamuna insults Swara and Kusum and asks them to leave from there. Gehna tries to convince her. She stops Swara and Kusum from leaving the house saying that they need not to go anywhere. Hema asks Gehna that now will the latter go against Jamuna. Gehna asks Jamuna to let them stay in their house atleast for tonight because they don’t have any other place. Praful and Anant also tries to convince Jamuna so she agrees and asks them to show the outhouse. Desai’s begins the puja. Gehna inhales smoke and coughs a lot then she faints. After some time, Sapan tells Desai’s that nothing to worry and Gehna regains her consciousness.

Hema tells Jamuna that they could not complete the puja. Gehna apologizes to Jamuna. Jamuna tells her that puja is not above the latter’s health and asks her to get some rest. Later, Gehna wakes up because of nightmare. She takes blankets and goes to outhouse. She learns about Kusum’s marriage anniversary. Kusum tells that her husband’s picture is missing from that box. Gehna remembers that she took one picture and she gets shocked seeing her father’s picture. She realises that Kusum is her mother and Swara is her sister and she reveals the truth to them by showing her locket to them. She hugs Swara and the latter takes knife to stab Gehna. Kusum snatches the knife from Swara without Gehna’s knowledge. Gehna gathers Desai’s in the hall and tells them that she found her mother and her sister.

Kusum recalls that how she used to steal jewels and her husband find out about it so she left the house with Swara when she was a kid. Swara tells Kusum that she will snatch everything from Gehna. Kusum reminds her that she set fire to their house to reach Desai house and asks her to wait for the right time. Jamuna insults Swara and Kusum. Kusum stops Swara from reacting. Gehna tells Jamuna that she also has rights on this house as a daughter in law of this family so her sister and her mother will stay in this house only. Jamuna leaves from there in anger.

Desai’s keeps party to celebrate Kusum’s marriage anniversary. Desai’s performs puja. Swara starts dancing on ‘Ghani Bawri’ song in the middle of the aarti. Guests badmouths about Desai’s. Jamuna complains about Swara to Gehna. Gehna yells at Swara for her behavior. Kusum handles the situation somehow. She warns Swara to control her anger and reminds her that they should create distance between Jamuna and Gehna.

Anant backhugs Swara assuming her as Gehna. Then he realises his mistake and apologizes to her. Gehna witnesses that and scolds Swara for wearing her dress. Kusum defends Swara saying that the latter don’t have any dress to wear and sisters should learn to share things. Swara tells Gehna that Desai’s don’t likes her personality that’s why she is trying to change herself. Gehna asks Swara to continue her food delivery job. Swara tells her that she want to fulfill her dream and leaves from there.

In the upcoming episode, Anant will romance Gehna in the kitchen.

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