Saath Nibhaana Saathiya 2 Weekly Update: Kanak creates rift between Gehna and Jamuna.

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This week Saath Nibhaana Saathiya 2 begins with Hema praises Kanak for using Krishna’s love to create rift between Gehna and Jamuna. Krishna informs Gehna that he is leaving for trekking trip. She gathers everyone in the hall and tells Jamuna that she thinks that Tiya and Krishna should get a chance to know each other so they should send them to trekking trip for that.

Kanak taunts her. Paresh also opposes Gehna’s idea. Krishna moves towards the door and Jamuna stops him and goes to Tiya and asks her that if the latter wants to give another chance to Krishna.

Tiya asks her that don’t the latter have any problem with her going to trekking trip with Krishna. Jamuna announces that Tiya has full rights to know about Krishna and then Tiya can take decision for herself. After some time, Krishna and Tiya leaves the mansion.
Later, Gehna tells Anant that some special day coming and asks him to guess that and wonders that he remembers their marriage anniversary or not. Anant tells her that he knows about their special day and promises to fulfill her dream and tells her that he loves her and it turns out to be her dream.

Then she shocks realising that he was talking about her studies. He tells her that soon her classes will begin so he will drop her. She tells him that she can go alone. He tells her that she is his responsibility so it’s his duty to drop her.
She thinks that it would have been really good if she knows driving then. She talks to herself saying that she will learn driving to surprise Desai’s. Kanak hears that and plans a surprise for her. Gehna finds driving school address and she thanks God for showing path. Kanak thinks that only she knows that what is going to happen with Gehna and smirks.

Anant receives parcel from his Singapore company and realises that Gehna was talking about their marriage anniversary. Trainer tells Gehna that if she has car then he can teach her because there is no car available now in his agency. Next day, Gehna steals Anant’s car key then sneaks out of the mansion.
But Kanak catches her and asks her that where the latter going now. Gehna tells her that she is going for morning walk and leaves from there. Then she learns driving from her Trainer. Anant realises that his car key is missing and he informs about it to his family and everyone searches the key. Gehna comes there and gives the key to Anant and lies to him that she saw it near the door.

Kanak tells Gehna that when she went to lawn for morning walk she noticed that Anant’s car is missing then later got to know that his car key also missing. Gehna informs her that she is learning driving to surprise Anant and asks her to not tell anyone about it. Kanak asks her to not worry saying that she won’t tell anyone. After few days, Gehna thinks that today is the last day of her class so after this she need not to lie to Anant. Gehna tells her Trainer that she want to drive the car on the road today because it’s her last day of training.

He tells her that she learnt driving and asks her to go reverse and she makes mistake and he asks her to put the brake but she hits someone. He tells her that they should escape before anyone else comes and takes the driver seat. She bends to take something and someone sees that lady and Trainer and notices car number. Later, Gehna reveals to Kanak that she hit someone. Kanak throws the car key inside Anant’s room through window. She and Gehna reaches the accident spot but finds no traces of an accident.

They returns to the mansion and Kanak asks Gehna to behave normal and not tell about the accident to Anant because it’s not a major accident and leaves from there. Gehna promises to God that she will drive carefully from now on and decides to forget the accident and also thinks to inform Anant about the accident later.

Police inspector reveals about Hema’s accident to Desai’s. Gehna realises that the person she hit with her car is Hema. Police inspector informs them that it’s a hit and run case but they have an eyewitness so soon they will catch the culprit.

Desai’s reaches the hospital and Chetan cries seeing Hema unconscious. Gehna reveals the truth to Kanak. Kanak tells her that she made mistake by helping her. Pankaj tells Anant that Police found the car which hit Hema. Gehna runs from there and overhears Police’s conversation and confesses that she is responsible for the accident. Anant recalls that how his car key went missing and Gehna returned it to him and lies to Police inspector that he is responsible for the accident. He takes Gehna aside and scolds her for lying to him and Gehna asks him to listen her once.

He asks her that does she know that she hit someone and she nods at him. He tells her that he won’t forgive her but he can’t let Police arrest her too and takes the blame to save her. Police brings the eyewitness and the latter reveals that he didn’t saw the face but it was a man who drived that car. Police arrests Anant. Gehna reveals to Desai’s that she hit Hema.

Police inspector tells Paresh that Anant confessed his crime and tells him to process for bail if latter wants then. Anant asks Gehna to go to Hema because she is Hema and Chetan’s culprit and yells at her for breaking his trust. Gehna apologizes to Jamuna saying that everything is her mistake. Jamuna slaps her and the latter tells her that she wanted to surprise Anant on their anniversary day but she never expected that it will happen. Everyone accuses her and Jamuna tells her that the latter don’t deserve to be called as good daughter in law and Kanak smiles hearing that.

Gehna goes to her room and cries. Kanak instigates her against Desai’s and taunts her indirectly. Gehna suspects that what if Kanak is behind all this. Meanwhile Anant recalls the moments he shared with Gehna and asks that why she deceived him and how can she hide that huge truth from him and he won’t be able to trust her again. Gehna recalls her marriage and wishes marriage anniversary to Anant seeing his picture.

In the upcoming episode, Gehna will ask the Trainer to reveal the truth of an accident.

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