Saath Nibhaana Saathiya 2 Weekly Update: Kanak fakes her own kidnapping.

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This week Saath Nibhaana Saathiya 2 begins with Desai’s avoids Gehna. Gehna tells God that she just wanted to surprise Anant but never thought accident will happen and pleads him to help her. Meanwhile Lawyer tells Desai’s that today holiday so he can’t process Anant’s bail. Gehna reaches the driving school and learns that Jaganath was a part-time worker and left the job because he bought second-hand taxi recently. Hema tells Kanak that she can’t stay in the hospital anymore and asks her to do something. Kanak tells her that everything going on in their favour so the latter need to stay for few more days.

Gehna demands the truth from Jaganath. He reveals that one lady came to meet him few days back and he just followed her instructions for money and it’s him who changed the gear on accident day but he didn’t saw that lady’s face. Desai’s reaches the Police station. Gehna comes there with Jaganath and tells Police inspector that Anant is innocent. Jaganath tells Police inspector that it’s him who changed the gear and someone gave money for that.

Police inspector tells them that it won’t change anything now because they have an eye witness. She asks him to interrogate the eye witness again. Then she accuses the eye witness, Champak for an accident. He tells her that he just throw stone towards the car because one lady gave money to him to do that. Gehna tells Police inspector that someone did all this to frame her but Anant end up in jail. Praful tells her that maybe Sagar is behind this. Police inspector praises Gehna for revealing the truth but he can’t release Anant because accident happened definitely and Anant confessed that he did it so court will decide his release.

Gehna shows the live telecast of Hema’s room to Desai. Desai’s shocks seeing Hema eating. Gehna tells them that Hema’s accident didn’t happen. Everyone enters the room. Hema accepts that her accident didn’t happen. Police inspector releases Anant. Anant asks Hema that what’s her problem with Gehna. She tells him that Sagar is in jail because of Gehna that’s why she took revenge. Kanak reveals that she found driving school’s pamphlet in Hema’s room. Chetan yells at Hema. Hema reveals that it’s Kanak’s plan and she just supported her.

Kanak calls Police inspector and gets permission from him to talk to Sagar and Sagar reveals that the accident plan is Hema’s plan. Jamuna tells Hema that the latter won’t get forgiveness but punishment for sending Anant to jail and locks her in the store room. Later, Anant tells Gehna that she should have informed him about her driving class. She tells him that she wanted to surprise him but whenever she tries to do something it goes wrong and it also affects her relationship with this family members and it feels like this house is not hers and leaves from there.

Kanak opens the store room door without anyone’s knowledge. Hema tells her that she wants Desai’s to see her true colours. Kanak tells her that she brought food for her but the latter don’t deserve it and closes the door and shocks seeing Gehna there. Gehna tells her that the latter escaped after putting the blame on Hema and she knows that the latter gave money to Jaganath. Hema opens the window and accepts that accident plan is hers and asks Gehna to not accuse Kanak and takes the food from them. Gehna leaves from there. Hema tells Kanak that the latter saved her once so today she saved her.

Next day, Gehna gets ready and thinks that no one remembers her marriage anniversary but Anant starts singing then she gets surprised seeing the balloon decorations and marriage anniversary board and he tells her that how can he forget this day and brings panipuri and icecream stall. She gets excited seeing that. Kanak makes Pankaj drop the cake by putting her leg on his way. Anant gives nuptial chain as gift to Gehna saying that last year he fulfilled the responsibility of a son and now he is fulfilling the responsibility as her husband. She gets emotional hearing him and thanks him. Anant and Gehna takes Praful, Jamuna’s blessings.

Jamuna and Kanak leaves the house to attend a function. Anant notices that Gehna didn’t wear the nuptial chain which he brought for her and makes her wear it. Then he gives an envelope to her. She realises that he got admission for her in driving school. They hears Jamuna’s scream and goes downstairs. Jamuna reveals that few goons tried to kidnap her and Kanak tried to save her then they kidnapped Kanak. Hema pleads to open the door saying that she is hungry. Jamuna asks Chetan to open the door. Kanak slaps the Kidnapper and asks him to not do anything without her permission and orders him to bring food for her.

Hema refuses to believe that goons kidnapped Kanak and informs Chetan that it’s Kanak’s drama only. Anant gives the car number to his friend Ronak to find the owner of the car. Kidnapper calls Desai house and demands 10crore as ransom. Babu bai, the owner of the car reaches Desai house. Anant shows the car number to him and learns that the latter’s regular customer Dinesh took that car for rent. He reveals that Dinesh kidnapped Kanak. Babu bai calls Dinesh and asks him that did the latter kidnapped anyone and asks him to video call him. Dinesh video calls Babu bai and shows disguised Kanak as tourist to him and the latter asks Dinesh to bring his car tomorrow.

Hema calls Police station without anyone’s knowledge. Gehna receives Kanak’s finger in the parcel and it turns out to be fake one. Kidnaper calls Anant and warns him to give the ransom if the latter really wants to see Kanak alive then. Praful decides to sell the house to give ransom. Kidnapper asks him to transfer the property on his name and disconnects the call. Police inspector comes there and informs them that they got a call from this house. Gehna sends them out saying that no one called them. Pankaj scolds Hema for calling the Police. Everyone tries to arrange the money. Praful tells them that they don’t have any other choice than giving the house to the Kidnapper.

Gehna tells Anant that she very well knows about Kanak’s true colours still what if someone really kidnapped Kanak. He tells her that if that was true then Kidnappers would have send the original finger not fake one. Kidnapper gives the property papers to Pankaj and the latter tries to see the Kidnapper’s face. Kidnapper tries to escape and shot him on his leg. Desai’s treats Pankaj’s wound. Praful decides to sign but Anant stops him saying that he has an plan.

In the upcoming episode, Kidnapper will threaten Gehna.

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