Saath Nibhaana Saathiya 2 Weekly Update: Sagar’s partner threatens Anant.

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This week Saath Nibhaana Saathiya 2 begins with Sagar uses smoke bomb and escapes from there. Desai’s helps Tiya to stand and Gehna consoles her. Anant wonders that what Sagar must be doing in his room. Paresh asks Praful to tell Anant about the latter’s abduction because seems like Sagar planning to do something huge. Radhika murmurs to Kanak that the latter did wrong by helping Sagar to escape from jail. Desai’s does Ganesh visarjan. Gehna enters her room and wonders that why Sagar came to the room. She searches the room thinking that he must have hided something but she finds nothing. Praful tries to talk to Anant about Sagar but the latter didn’t let him say anything about Sagar. Sagar talks to himself saying that master mind won’t leave Anant and Gehna and that person is danger for Gujarat too.

Later Kanak scolds Sagar for attacking Anant in front of everyone. Radhika tells her that Sagar is useless. Kanak is about to slap him but he holds her hand and warns her saying that he is not alone this time. She leaves from there. Radhika asks him about the 4th partner. He tells her that they can’t reach his partner and need to wait more to meet his partner. Meanwhile Professor asks Gehna about Sagar. She tells him everything about Sagar. He feels dizzy and falls down. She gets shocks seeing him. She calls Sapan and others. Sapan examines Professor. Sapan tells Desai’s that sugar level dropped in Professor Kumar’s blood that’s why he fainted. Professor Kumar regains his consciousness. Jamuna asks him to give chance to them to take care of him so he agrees to stay.

On the other hand, Sagar gives one bag to Kanak and Radhika and asks them to keep that in Desai house and it’s their 4th partner’s order. Kanak notices the lock in the bag and asks him that what’s there in the bag. He tells her that she need not to know about it. He shows the video of Radhika joining hands with her and him. Kanak takes the bag. Praful tells Gehna about his abduction and also about the threat of Sagar’s partner. She asks him to not leave the house until Police catches Sagar. She collides with Professor and he drops his medicine. He tells her that it’s his important medicine and he goes to room to get some rest. She decides to buy that medicine for him and goes to the medical shop. She learns that, that’s just a vitamin supplements and wonders that why Professor lied to her about medicine. She sees Radhika and Kanak with bag and follows them.

Radhika keeps the bag in the cupboard. Gehna sees that and hides when she saw Kanak coming there. Then she shocks seeing Professor Kumar with bag. Officer informs Anant that they are tracing Sagar. One guy comes there and informs them that he traced Sagar and today Sagar going to meet someone. Anant tells Officer that Sagar must be going to meet his partner. Kanak and Radhika reveals everything about Sagar to Hema. Kanak tells Hema to call Sagar and ask him to meet the latter then Police will arrest him. Meanwhile Professor Kumar opens the bag. Gehna gives the medicine to him and moves towards the bag. He tries to stop her but she shocks seeing bomb in the bag. She questions him. He says to her that he lied to her about his disease for Anant’s sake. He informs her about Anant’s secret mission and Anant’s life in danger. He tells her that Sagar’s partner is terrorist and that terrorist is Krishna.

Anant sees Sagar with Krishna. Sagar notices Anant and asks Krishna to not turn around and run from there. Both runs from there. Anant thinks that Krishna can’t be Sagar’s partner. Gehna refuses to believe Professor Kumar saying that she knows Krishna since childhood and Krishna won’t do anything against his country. He says to her that he don’t suspect Krishna unnecessarily and soon they will get evidence. Later, Gehna thinks that Radhika and Kanak brought that bag so it’s impossible that they works with terrorists. She tries to tell about Professor Kumar and Krishna to Anant. He recalls that how he saw Krishna today and he refuses to listen her.

Desai’s celebrates Paresh’s birthday. Hema asks Sagar to drop the idea of revenge. Sagar tells her that his partner won’t let anything happen to him. She asks him to surrender himself to Police and informs him about Kanak’s plan. He leaves from there. Jamuna goes upstairs to find Gehna. But she sees Sagar talking with someone about bomb blast. Sagar sees Jamuna and the latter runs to call Anant. Something hits Jamuna’s head and she falls on the stairs. Desai’s sees that and runs towards her.Anant asks her that how it happened. She tells him that someone pushed her and loses her consciousness. Desai’s admits Jamuna in the hosptial. Doctor tells Desai’s that he is shifting Jamuna to special ward and no one can meet her until Jamuna regains her consciousness.

Later Professor Kumar blames Krishna for Jamuna’s condition. Tiya defends Krishna. Anant recalls that how he saw Krishna with Sagar and asks Krishna that did he pushed Jamuna. Tiya tells him that Professor Kumar don’t know about Krishna but the latter knows him very well so how can he ask this. Anant tells her that he has reason to suspect Krishna because he saw Krishna with Sagar. Gehna comes there and tells them that Krishna was with her when Jamuna fell from stairs. Pankaj asks Krishna that why the latter met Sagar. Krishna tells them that Sagar blackmailed him so he went to meet him to give money to him. Sagar calls Radhika and asks her to give one injection to Jamuna because Jamuna should not regain her consciousness.

Sagar’s partner calls Anant and asks to give his secret mission file to him. He threatens to harm Jamuna and Praful and disconnects the call. Disguised Radhika enters Jamuna’s room with injection. Gehna pushes Radhika to save Jamuna and the latter escapes from the room. Gehna catches Radhika. Desai’s learns about Praful’s abduction. Sagar’s partner calls Anant and asks to give project file to him. Anant agrees to give file to him. Radhika informs Gehna about Sagar’s threat. Gehna goes to meet Sagar but finds just a recorder. Anant puts the file and leaves from there. Mask man comes to take the file. Anant returns and beats him. He shocks seeing Krishna. Krishna tells him that the latter misunderstood him. Police inspector informs Gehna that Anant caught Sagar’s partner Krishna which shocks the latter. Police arrests Krishna.

In the upcoming episode, Gehna, Kanak, Hema and Radhika will catch Sagar. 

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