Saath Nibhaana Saathiya 2 Weekly Update: Siddharth exposes Chirag.

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This week Saath Nibhaana Saathiya 2 begins with Gehna informs Jamuna that she got to know that where Kumar is hiding so she need to catch him to prove Anant’s innocence. Jamuna tells Gehna that she also want to prove Anant’s innocence but for that she can’t put the latter’s life in danger and locks her in a room. Siddharth sees that and gets relieved that Jamuna locked Gehna in a room. He decides to go and catch Kumar. On the other hand, Kumar tells Sagar that this DNA report says that Siddharth is not Anant. Sagar tells him that maybe someone changed the report.

Meanwhile, Gehna escapes through window and reaches the location. She meets Police there and they searches Kumar. Police finds nothing there and scolds Gehna for giving fake information and leaves from there. She thinks that Radhika messaged this location only. She finds blood there and gets shocks seeing Radhika there. She realises that Kumar find out that Radhika betraying him. She asks Radhika to wake up. Siddharth comes there and takes Radhika from there. Jamuna scolds Gehna for leaving the house. Praful suggests Gehna’s second marriage and tells his family that Gehna needs to move on in her life. Siddharth gets shocks hearing him.

Gehna cries hugging Jamuna. She tells her that she want to make everything fine but that’s not happening. Jamuna tells her that the latter should forget the past and move on in her life and asks her to marry someone else. Gehna asks her that what is the latter saying and second marriage won’t change anything. She tells Praful that the latter feeling pity seeing her condition that’s why he took this decision but she don’t need any guy. He tells her that it’s their responsibility to take care of her and it was not easy for them to take this decision. She tells him that she won’t leave this house and her first and last love is Anant and he will return soon. Jamuna tells her that Anant is her son and she feels that he is no more. Gehna refuses to marry someone else.

Next day, Kanak gets excited for Gehna’s second marriage. Pankaj and Chetan tries to convince Gehna for second marriage. Siddharth tells Sia that he is sure that Gehna won’t agree for second marriage. Krishna tells Gehna that she thinks that Siddharth is Anant and if it continued then she won’t be able to move on in her life. Tiya agrees with him. Jamuna asks Gehna to meet the guy atleast. Gehna agrees to meet the guy and thinks that she won’t agree to marry him. Later, Gehna tries to scare Chirag by throwing things at him when they were alone still he agrees to meet her. Kanak recalls that how she poured tea on Chirag’s dress deliberately and took him to washroom and warned him that Gehna can do anything to stop this marriage.

Gehna refuses to marry Chirag. Chirag tells her that it’s marriage and one meeting is not enough so they will meet again to know each other. Kanak thinks that she will make sure that Gehna’s marriage happens with Chirag. Gehna cries in her room. Siddharth asks her that why she rejected Chirag when he looked handsome. He praises Desai’s progressive thoughts and tells her that she is lucky to get them. She asks him that why he is acting like he is not affected at all. He tells her that she is in her dreamy world and asks her to stop flirting with him. She wonders that is really her heart deceiving her because if he was her Anant then he would not have reacted like this after hearing about her second marriage.

Desai’s learns that Chirag send groceries for them. Delivery guy gives flower bouquet to them saying that, that’s for Gehna. Siddharth gets irritated seeing that and goes to his room. Gehna notices Siddharth throwing the flower bouquet. She tells God that she took a decision to find out that Siddharth is Anant or not. Next day, Gehna agrees to marry Chirag which shocks Siddharth. Desai’s smiles hearing her. Praful asks Gehna that did she took this decision wholeheartedly. She nods at him. Hema says to Kanak that it’s hard to understand that Gehna agreed to marry Chirag this easily. Kanak tells her that it’s not easy to live alone and this marriage is beneficial for Gehna also.

Sia tells Siddharth that she has an evidence to prove his innocence so tomorrow court hearing will be in their favor. He tells her that the real problem is Gehna agreed to marry Chirag. She tells him that Gehna is smart that’s why she choosed this way to make him reveal the truth. He tells her that he need to stop this marriage without revealing his identity. Meanwhile, Gehna tells Krishna that she want to know that who is Siddharth that’s why she agreed to marry Chirag. Krishna asks her that what if Siddharth is Anant and he could not stop this marriage.

Chirag gives gifts to Desai’s. Sia comes downstairs wearing party wear. Chirag stares her and Siddharth notices that and decides to expose him. Meanwhile, Kumar scolds Sagar for losing the documents and tells him that those documents should not reach the court no matter what and Siddharth is Anant for sure. Next day, Gehna goes out with Chirag. Sia leaves for court. Siddharth convinces Praful and Jamuna to take them out for shopping. Meanwhile, Sagar snatches documents from Sia and thinks that now she can’t prove Anant’s innocence.

Few people beats Chirag and asks him to give their money. Chirag asks Gehna to give her necklace. She refuses saying that it belongs to Jamuna. He snatches it from her and she slaps him. He asks her that how can she insult him when he just took her necklace. Jamuna slaps him and thanks Siddharth for bringing them there. Chirag runs from there. Jamuna apologizes to Gehna. Later, Siddharth and Gehna reaches the court and learns that Sia lost the documents. Gehna motivates Sia and gives original documents to her.

Siddharth tells them that he need to leave for an emergency case and leaves from there. Gehna and Sia goes inside the court. Siddharth thinks that emergency case is just an excuse because he can’t come in front of Police until he catches Kumar and he knows that Gehna and Sia will manage everything. Sia recalls Sagar’s threat and she could not submit the documents. She apologizes to Gehna. Gehna tells her that in the next court hearing they will succeed for sure. She reveals about Sagar’s threat to Desai’s. Jamuna asks her to not lose hope.

Kanak tells Jamuna that they should do Gehna’s second marriage as soon as possible. Siddharth suggests that they won’t get a better groom than Sia’s brother for Gehna. Later, Sia’s brother informs Siddharth that according to source Kumar receiving new equipments for their new mission. Siddharth reaches the location and realises that it’s a trap for him and he leaves from there. Gehna reaches there and Sagar kidnaps her. She regains her consciousness and realises that she is in the middle of the ocean and sees Sagar in the boat. He tells her that Siddharth is Anant and asks her to agree for second marriage. She gets shocks hearing him and tells him that Siddharth is not Anant. He asks her to prove that by doing second marriage.

In the upcoming episode, Gehna will agree to marry Sia’s brother.

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