Saath Nibhaana Saathiya 2: Whose cake will Anant choose?

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With viewers enjoying the show Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2, as the makers have got a good plot now with Anant trying to make Gehna independent, and Kanak’s plan to make Gehna zero works. Anant will scold Gehna but Gehna will still cate for Anant. Here Kanak tells Radhika to make a cake and here Gehna will also make a cake as Praful will tell her to. This will make Radhika and Gehna compete with each other in a way. This story line is being liked by the viewers and this can be seen from the trp of the show. The show has got fresh faces and actors who act really well according to the situation. Viewers want to see whom does Anant actually choose and how will Gehna make herself independent.

Here, Gehna will make the cake and leave from the party as she didn’t want Anant to feel embarrassed among his friends. Anant will come to cut the cake and will choose Gehna’s cake. Radhika will feel bad and will blame Kanak that because of her lies she started to believe that Anant still loves her. Kanak will tell Radhika how Anant still loves her only and Gehna is his responsibility. Kanak will plan a new thing with Radhika to show Gehna her place.

Here, Praful and Paresh will feel helpless that they cannot bring Gehna to the party. Anant will himself go to Gehna and apologize and will say none of it was her fault it was just a mistake. He will bring Gehna to the party. Radhika will pretend as if she is sorry to Gehna. Kanak and Radhika will start to execute their plan where Radhika will have to sing for Anant and Gehna will be asked about anant’s favourite things and she will answer it all wrong making Gehna feel bad.

In the upcoming episodes, we will see how after makjng Gehna feel like she is nothing to Anant. Radhika and Kanak will make situations where Anant won’t be able to go to Gehna to make her feel good. In fact, Radhika will go to Gehna and tell her how she has no match at all with Anant and she is saying this as her friend and she will end up feeling hurt if this marriage continues.

Radhika tells Gehna that only she, that is Radhika, is right for Anant and to give her Anant back. Gehna will be in deep thoughts. What will Anant do this time to save Gehna? Will Gehna really believe Radhika? Will Radhika be able to win Anant back? What will be Kanak’s next plan? Keep following this space for more.