Saath Nibhaana Saathiya 28th November 2020 Written Update: Anant creates matrimony profile of Gehna

Saath Nibhaana Saathiya 28th November 2020 Written Update on

Episode begins with Gehna was crying seeing the torn gathbandhan cloth of her parents. Anant comes there and tells her to come with him saying he wants to talk to her. He tells her to sit and sits on the floor. He tells her to sit on the chair and gives coffee to her saying he prepared it. She says his coffee tastes bitter. He says she doesn’t have the habit to drink this coffee that’s why she is saying like this and says till her marriage he is going to make sure that she drinks this coffee only then she will be used to this taste.

. He says he doesn’t know much about her and asks her to give her details to him saying he has to create profile for her in matrimony site. She gets surprised hearing him and asks is this wedding website. He asks does she know about it. For that she replies saying she had seen advertisements for these websites in TV. He asks her to tell about her. She doesn’t understand what to tell. He tells her to start from her parents and her village.

She starts to talk about her parents and says how her father always teased her mother saying her cooking skills are bad but in front of others he always praised her mother’s cooking. She says she learned cooking from her mother only. She says she always wins in kite competition and shouts ‘Kai Po Che’ in excitement. He smiles at her. She realises what she did and feels embarrassed to stand in front of him. He tells her to continue.

She says she loves painting and also she has interest in decorations. She says she loves studying but after 8th standard she could not continue her studies. He says he is done now just need to upload her picture. He tells her to stand straight so he can click her picture. She gets nervous and he tells her to smile and adjusts her hair which was falling on her face. Radhika who came there asks what’s happening here.

Hema tells Alka to do her work properly. Hiral says already Gehna going to leave this house after her marriage and if she continued her behaviour with Alka like this then she will leave this house and Hema has to do all the house hold chores that’s why they has to do something using Anant as their pawn because he is her parents favorite. Radhika says Anant knows that she can’t tolerate this and teases him saying he could not click good picture of Gehna. He shows the pictures to her.

Radhika says Gehna looking pretty and says they will find suitable groom for her so she need not to worry about anything. She says she is excited to see his parents reaction when he tells them about their relationship. He signs her showing Gehna. She says it’s Gehna only so they can share their personal matter to her saying she is getting best friend vibe from her and tells him to click her and Gehna’s picture. Gehna prays to God to unite Radhika and Anant.

Praful says he will do Gehna’s marriage in grand way and he even has 1crore money to spend. Anant gets notification from matrimonial site and says groom’s family may come today evening to see Gehna. Praful gives his ATM card to him saying spend money from this for all everything. Anant said he can spend his money but Praful says he wants to do everything by himself as a father of Gehna. Kanak thinks to do something.

Episode ends.

Precap – Radhika plans surprise for Gehna.

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