Saath Nibhaana Saathiya: Is Anant in love with Gehna?

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With viewers wanting Gehna to change herseld for her own good. Now, Anant’s new mission will also be this. With Gehna being very gullible, she has always landed up in trouble. Anant wants to make Gehna self sufficient so that she doesn’t has to be dependent on anyone. Gehna may not be educated but she can become smart with or without education. Paresh will also support Anant in this. But after so many efforts when Gehna is not even improving a bit, how will Anant complete this mission?

Anant will rescue Gehna from police station and buy sarees for Gehna. On Gehna’s insisting, Anant will buy sarees for all the other ladies. Kanak and Hema deliberately make food that is not at all eatable. They will be shocked seeing Gehna in new saree and Kanak will be angry that Gehna now is buying saree for them. Kanak is unable to accept Gehna as a family member. Hema will reveal Kanak’s idea of changing the pin. This will hurt Gehna and she will ask Kanak why she hates her. Kanak says how she has no right to ask her anything and she is just a maid and always will be one. Here, Anant will showcase to Paresh, how he wants the best for Gehna but that is because he respects Gehna and not love as he only loves Radhika and he can’t love anyone else.

In the upcoming episodes, Kanak will say she won’t eat if Gehna sits with them. A hurt Gehna will go. Jamuna will notice everything and think how because of one wrong decision, the whole Desai family known for their culture and togetherness has been divided into two parts. She will be sad. She will blame Gehna.

What will Jamuna do now? How will Anant make Gehna better version of herself? What will be Kanak’s next plan to trouble Gehna? Keep following this space for more.