Saath Nibhaana Saathiya: Is Jamuna not with Kanak anymore?

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With viewers thinking the track to be predictive, now they are enjoying how Praful and Anant are trying to make Gehna self-sufficient. They are making Gehna change her outlook for herself and bring in the confidence in herself which is very much needed. With Anant not putting enough effort, no changes are seen in Gehna. But Anant will not give up.

Here, Gehna will be about to sit for dinner with everyone but Kanak will say she won’t sit here if Gehna sits. Hema, Kanak, and their husbands will all get up. This will just make Gehna sad and she will say I don’t want anyone to fight so I am going to the kitchen. Gehna will go, Anant, Tiya, Praful and Paresh will all accompany Gehna. Jamuna will see this and will be shocked seeing her so dear family divided in two halves. Jamuna will go into deep thoughts.

Just then Kanak will badmouth Praful and Gehna saying how Praful also behaves kiddishly just for that Gehna. Jamuna will be enraged and slap Kanak. Later, Kanak will plan something against Gehna as she will hold her responsible for Jamuna’s slap. Here, Gehna will feel sad seeing Anant’s wallet having Radhika’s picture. Gehna will understand that she can never take that place in Anant’s life but will also feel bad.

In the upcoming episodes, we will see Anant telling Gehna to study, as that will give her confidence. Here, Kanak will be seen saying to Jamuna for a surprise birthday party for Anant. Jamuna will agree. Kanak will talk to Radhika and tell her how Anant just feels Gehna as a responsibility and not a love or life partner.

Kanak and Hema will give many hopes to Radhika to make her come to Anant’s birthday party. Will Anant melt seeing Radhika? Will Radhika come? How will Gehna feel, seeing Anant and Radhika close? What will Praful and Paresh say about Radhika coming to the party? Will Gehna be able to face this new challenge? Keep following this space for more.