Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 13th May 2022 Written Update: Gehna reveals about Urmila to Surya

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 13th May 2022 Written Update on

Episode begins with Gehna and Suhani dances for Surya’s sake. Surya joins them. Urmila sees Suhani and recalls that how she was pushed from the cliff by Suhani. Dance performance gets over. Sarika thinks that she wants Gehna’s designer saree. She spills chutney on Gehna’s saree deliberately and apologizes to her. She adds that this stain is hard to clean so Gehna have to change. Gehna tells her that she will clean it. Sarika tells her that Surya won’t like her wearing stained saree. Gehna goes inside to change.

Surya asks Suhani that where is Gehna. She tells him that maybe in the washroom. He thinks that he knows that how to get Gehna there. Lights goes off. Suhani picks her guy’s call and learns that they kidnapped Gehna. Then she gets shocked seeing Gehna and Surya dancing together. She wonders that whom they kidnapped. Surya and Gehna’s dance performance gets over. Suhani calls her guy and scolds him for kidnapping the wrong person. He shows Sarika to Suhani. She tells him that, that is her daughter and asks him to untie her. He unties Sarika and she slaps him.

After some time, Suhani slaps Sarika and scolds her for wearing Gehna’s saree. Sarika tells her that Gehna too fought with her for a document. Suhani asks her that the latter talking about which document. Sarika tells her that it was Surya’s birth certificate. Suhani understands that why Gehna visited BMC office. She asks her that where is the document now. Sarika tells her that she wants a better saree than this saree. Suhani promises to buy new saree for her. Sarika tells her that it’s in Gehna’s cupboard.

Suhani goes to Gehna’s room and opens the locker and finds Surya’s birth certificate. She tells herself that she had no idea about it. She is about to burn Surya’s birth certificate. But Gehna stops her and asks her that what the latter doing there. Suhani burns it and says that now Gehna don’t have any proofs to expose her. She adds that Gehna can’t win against her. Gehna smiles at her.

On the other hand, Sarika tells Surya that Gehna left this saree that’s why she wore it. He asks her about Gehna. She talks about Suhani. He tells her that she has lost it since the time Arjun went to jail. He is about go from there to search Gehna. But Sarika stops him by acting like she sprained her leg.

Gehna shows the copy of Surya’s birth certificate and DNA test report to Suhani. She adds that she has many copy and leaves from there. She goes downstairs and thanks guests for attending the party. They leaves the house. Surya asks Gehna that what’s the matter. She remains silent. He tells her that her silence scaring him. She gives DNA test report and his birth certificate to him. He asks her that who is Urmila. She tells him that Urmila is his real mother.

Episode ends.

Precap – Gehna asks Surya to choose between her and Suhani.

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