Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 26th November 2021 Written Update: Jamuna refuses to accept Swara and Pankaj’s marriage

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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 26th November 2021 Written Update on

Episode begins with Kusum praises herself for her acting. She eats food without anyone’s knowledge. Pankaj comes there so she hides the food. He asks her that did Swara said anything to her yesterday. She tells him that she has no idea that why Swara left the house. She makes sure that he reads Swara’s letter. He gets shocked after reading the letter and leaves the room. She smirks seeing that. Anant tells Gehna that he will give Swara’s missing complaint to Police. She tells him that she feels like something bad going to happen.

Pankaj reaches the cliff area. Swara gets relieved after seeing him. She acts like attempting suicide and he tries to stop her. She asks him to not move towards her. He asks her that why she want to die now. She tells him that she wants to lead a respectful life but no one gives respect to her and now no one will marry her too. She says to him that she need to die and that’s the best option for her. He stops her from dying. She asks him that can he give respectful life to her.

Anant informs Desai’s that he gave compliant to Police. Jamuna tells them that they could not celebrate Pankaj’s birthday because of Swara. She asks Hema to prepare puja plate. Gehna tells her that she will do it and leaves from there. She hears door bell sound and she opens the door with puja plate. She gets shocked seeing Pankaj and Swara and drops the puja plate. Everyone notices Swara’s forehead.

Jamuna asks Pankaj that what is all this. He tells her that he married Swara and she is elder daughter in law of this family from now on. Kusum comes there and hugs Swara. She notices her and asks her that what is all this. Pankaj takes her blessings. She tells him that she is really unlucky mother because she could not witness her daughter’s marriage. Jamuna tells them that she won’t accept this marriage.

Anant asks Pankaj that why the latter didn’t discuss about this huge decision with them. Pankaj tells him that it’s not like, the latter and Gehna takes all the decisions after discussing with others. He tells Jamuna that Swara made him realise that what is love and what is marriage and now he won’t leave his wife. Tiya asks him that how can he fall for someone in 4 days. Hiral tells him that she can understand that he needed emotional support because Kanak is in jail but how can he marry Swara just like that.

Pankaj defends his decision. Gehna tells him that Swara trapping him and yells at Swara. He asks her to not yell at his wife. Anant takes stand for Gehna. Pankaj asks them that why they are against his marriage. Swara apologizes to Desai’s. Pankaj asks Jamuna to accept Swara as her daughter in law. Jamuna tells him that, that won’t happen. She throws Swara out of the house. Swara pleads her to not do like that. Pankaj tells Jamuna that he is also leaving the house with his wife. Jamuna’s health condition gets worsen. Praful and Gehna takes her to a room. Gehna tells Jamuna that she won’t let Swara ruin this family. Jamuna blames her for bringing Swara to Desai house and asks her to not come in front of her.

Episode ends.

Precap – Swara challenges Gehna.

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