Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 4th July 2022 Written Update: Sarika cut off all ties with Suhani

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 4th July 2022 Written Update on

Episode begins with Gehna stops Sikandar from slapping Shreya. She says that she won’t let any wrong happen with any woman. Sikandar tries to hurt her but Surya interferes and warns Sikandar. Suhani tells Gehna that the latter tried to reunite Surya and Urmila but she failed so now she is trying to separate Sarika from her. She tells Surya that Gehna want to separate them. Gehna says that Suhani tried to separate her from Surya. She adds that Suhani separated Surya and Urmila. And it’s Suhani who forced Kaddu bua to leave the house. Surya asks her to stop it. She tells him that he can’t change the truth by stopping her.


She plays Arjun’s confession in which he stated that he killed Anant and he tried to kill Surya and he did all the wrongdoings. Suhani slaps Sikandar. She asks him that how can the latter betray Arjun. Gehna asks her that why the latter met Arjun in the jail. Suhani tells her that she just wanted to meet Arjun. Gehna tells Surya that Suhani also betrayed Arjun for Sikandar. Sarika asks Suhani to tell the truth atleast now. Suhani tells her that she will make sure that Arjun gets released from the jail and ask to believe her.

Sarika tells her that the latter runied her life. She says that she won’t forget that what Suhani and Sikandar did with her. She tells Suhani that the latter betraying everyone for Sikandar. She cut off all ties with them and decides to leave the house. Gehna stops her. Sarika apologizes to her. Gehna tells her that the latter need not to apologize and hugs her. She tells her that she will make sure that the latter gets justice. Suhani and Sikandar asks Sarika to not go to Gehna’s side but Sarika goes. Surya tells Suhani that everyone leaving her for supporting Sikandar. He asks Sikandar to surrender himself and goes inside.

Later, Riddhima asks Surya to have food. Surya tells her that he is not hungry. She tells him that Gehna should not have done this and by doing this she ruined the peace of this family. Gehna comes there and says that she did nothing wrong by revealing the truth. Surya says that Riddhima is right because Sarika is hurt because of this. Gehna tells him that soon Sikandar will realise his mistake.

Meanwhile, Sikandar says that he will kill Gehna. Suhani scolds him for losing his control. She says that they have to make sure that Arjun gets released. Surya tells Gehna that he won’t leave Suhani at any cost. Gehna tells him that there must be some reason that’s why Urmila abandoned him. He tells her that she can do whatever she wants to do but he won’t join her side and leaves from there. Gehna tells Agastya that they have to make sure that Arjun gets released.

Next day, Gehna gets ready to leave for office. Surya learns that Gehna joining Agastya’s law firm. He wishes all the best to her for her new case. Riddhima and Surya leaves for office. Later, Agastya talks to Gehna’s photo. Gehna comes there.

Episode ends.

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