Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 8th December 2021 Written Update: Swara meets Kanak

Saath Nibhaana Saathiya 2 Spoiler: Has Kanak really changed?
Saath Nibhaana Saathiya 2 Spoiler: Has Kanak really changed?

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 8th December 2021 Written Update on

Episode begins with Host announces that final round is going to begin in 10 minutes. Anant notices that Gehna is missing and he calls her but no response from other side. He asks Swara that did she saw Gehna. She tells him that she is not Gehna’s bodyguard. He hopes that Gehna is fine. Gehna regains her consciousness and screams for help. She asks God to send someone to help her. Meanwhile, Anant prays for Gehna. Host hears Gehna’s scream and rescues her. She decides to not tell the truth to him and runs from there.

Anant notices Gehna and asks her that is she fine. She nods at him and they searches Jamuna. Other judges tells Gehna that the latter can’t talk to Jamuna because competition is not over yet. Gehna tells them that she want to quit. Jamuna asks her that what happened. Gehna informs her that Kanak is in hospital and she want to talk to Pankaj. Jamuna tells her that they can’t leave the competition and it could be Kanak’s another trap and reminds her that what all Kanak did against them.

Swara comes there and tells Jamuna that Kanak is not stranger and she also knows about it already but she waited for the right time to talk to her. She asks Gehna that how can the latter talk about their family matter in front of others. Jamuna asks Gehna to learn from Swara. Swara convinces Jamuna to meet Kanak. Jamuna tells her that she will talk to other judges and moves from there. Gehna tells Swara that God made her reveal the truth to Jamuna when she tried to hide it.

In the hospital, Doctor explains Kanak’s medical condition to Pankaj. Nurse gives soup to Pankaj and he feeds it to Kanak. She asks him that how can he marry someone else. He tells her that he loved her and respected her but she never gave respect to him. He asks her that why she is complaining now when she didn’t think before signing on divorce papers. He informs her that now he is with someone who loves and respects him a lot. She tells him that she knows that he is saying all this in anger and holds his hand. Swara enters the room. Kusum fake cries asking that now what will happen in Swara’s life.

Swara apologizes to Kanak and Pankaj for disturbing them. Pankaj asks her to not misunderstand and he just came to meet Kanak and leaves the room. Swara mocks Kanak. She tells her that Pankaj just belongs to her. Kanak tells her that she knows that the latter using Pankaj. Swara accepts that she is using him. Kanak warns her to leave Pankaj. Swara tells her that she is Pankaj’s legal wife.

Kanak puts the knife on her neck and warns her to leave Pankaj because he just belongs to her. Jamuna yells at Kanak. Kanak tells her that Swara instigated her. Swara thanks Jamuna for saving her. Gehna defends Kanak. Jamuna scolds her for that. She tells her that she can see the latter’s jealously and first she was against Kanak and now Swara. She warns Kanak to not try to touch Swara because Swara is elder daughter in law of Desai’s.

Episode ends.

Precap – Host announces that it’s a tie between Gehna and Swara. Jamuna tells him that she choosed one winner already.

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