Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2: Anant to catch Hema red handed?

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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 has been gaining viewers. This is because the Star Plus’s show is seeing a important track where Anant gets to know Radhika’s truth. With truth being out, Anant has made her go out of the house and from his life.

But the after affects of Radhika is still impacting Anant and Gehna. We see that Radhika who gave some money to Hema and Kanak, now wants it back. Kanak and Hema are unable to give it. Here, Gehna will be seen stepping up to help but little did she know, the people she is keen on helping are going to plan against Gehna.

With another challenge thrown to Gehna, and she going against Anant to support Hema and Kanak, what will happen next, will be interesting to watch!

In the current track, Amrish says Gehna has signed the contract and took 25 lakhs. Anant says he will return the money in 5 days and returns. Here, Kanak and Hema are happy that Gehna will not get spared now.

Kanal shows fake concern towarda Gehna, when she returns. Anant tells everyone what happened in the shoot. Shocking everyone. Kanak pretends to be sorry but thinks this time Gehna is going to go to jail. Anant and Gehna will be unable to arrange the money and decide to talk to Jamuna and Praful without revealing the Hema and Kanak part.

Gehna apologies to Anant, who says he is not upset with her but from next time she should read the documents of contract. Next day, Shivangi comes to Desai and introduces herself. Gehna and Anant take her separately.

Shivangi tells Anant that she felt bad about what happened and she wants to offer a counter deal where Gehna can do embroidery work she will give her within 5 days and then she won’t be liable to any repayment of the money. Anant tells her to put this in writing to which Shivangi agrees.

Kanak and Hema listen to this and think to spoil the plan. Anant and Gehna tell about this to family who first get worried for Gehna always landing in trouble but then they say they will help Gehna finishing the task. The whole family helps and supports Gehna. Kanak also helps Gehna surprising Hema. Hema tries to destroy Gehna’s work but Kanak stops her.

Kanak tells her how this is not the right time. The male members try to cook to help Gehna but they create a mess so Gehna only cooks. Gehna finishes one design sitting overnight while Anant sits with her to help her and support her.

Next day, the current goes off making everyone wonder how embroidery will be done now. Pankaj and Anant bring candles and others help Gehna. The order is complete early and she informs Shivani. Shivani says she is sending the tempo. Hema and Kanak dress up as guys and come with a tempo.

Desai’s load everything in the tempo. The tempo leaves. Shivani calls Gehna and says the tempo will reach in 10 mins. Gehna worries and informs Anant. They all wonder whose tempo was it? Anant says he has the number plate picture, he will file complaint with police. Here, Kanak and Hema give the order to Amrish and get 10 lakh money.

Shivani comes there and gets furious on Gehna. She informs the police and says to Gehna how she will make her suffer. Gehna panics. Anant asks about Hema and Kanak, they come from inside the house. Everyone thinks who can take thw orders like this. Jamuna gives Gehna a duppata she made with embroidery for her to calm her.

Gehna finds Kanak and Hema’s behaviour suspicious. She sees Kanak with a bag and thinks what is in that bag. Gehna tells Anant about the same, he tries to hide and see what they are doing but Anant is unable to see Kanak hiding money in rhe money plant.

Anant finds the fake moustache in Hema’s room and thinks it’s like the tempo guy. Anant and Gehna think to make indirectly Hema realise that they know about the truth. Amrish comes with police and tell the truth to Desai’s. Desai’s won’t believe it but Gehna says it’s truth.

In the upcoming episodes, Police will ce to arrest Gehna. The Desai’s will treat Kanak like a queen.

Will thw Desai’s be able to stop the divorce? Will Gehna know the real reason for Anant’s changed attitude?

Will Radhika’s real motive be fullfilled in Desai mansion? Keep following this space for more updates on your latest shows.