Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2: Anant to get upset!

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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 has been gaining viewers. This is because the Star Plus’s show is seeing a important track where Anant gets to know Radhika’s truth. With truth being out, Anant has made her go out of the house and from his life. But the after affects of Radhika is still impacting Anant and Gehna.

We see that Radhika who gave some money to Hema and Kanak, now wants it back. Kanak and Hema are unable to give it. Here, Gehna will be seen stepping up to help but little did she know, the people she is keen on helping are going to plan against Gehna. With another challenge thrown to Gehna, and she going against Anant to support Hema and Kanak, what will happen next, will be interesting to watch!

In the current track, Anant and Gehna spend funny and cute moments in their drunk stage. Kanak shows someone mixed chemical in cakes of Gehna and Anant. Jamuna thinks who did it. Hema thinks to save herself and plants the chemical in Krishna’s bag.

Krishna says why did Hema search his bag without permission? Krishna says this is for his play. Next day, Anant and Gehna decide to go for bungee jumping and Hema thinks of a plan to make Anant and Gehna fall. Gehna falls and gets a sprain but Kanak saves Gehna due to which no major injury happens.

Everyone praises Kanak for her saving Gehna. Anant feels guilty so he takes care of Gehna. Here, Kanak scolds Hema on doing wrong with Gehna. Hema is shocked. Later, Kanak reveals to Jigna about her plan to take revenge from the Desais. She includes Sagar in it too. Here, Anant is searching for job.

Kanak suggests to buy a costly gift for Praful but knowing Anant doesn’t have a job, Gehna says let’s not do that. Sagar who is playing with his toy nearby takes the car to Jamuna to show the car records. He had edited the video and shoes Jamuna, Jamuna gets furious seeing Gehna talk like this and later finds out Gehna is not doing her household duty and is with Krishna.

Jamuna gets upset. Sagar tells Tiya that he likes her. Next day, Anant hears Krishna teasing Gehna about she being in love. Anant thinks Krishna likes Gehna so he locks him and takes Gehna to teach scooty ride. They have cute moments.

Here, Tiya saves Krishna and they have a cute moment. Kanak tells Pankaj how they should think about budget as Anant is unable to contribute. When they come to Anant outside, they tell Anant to get even a small job if necessary. Anant gets upset and thinks to grab any opportunity possible.

In the upcoming episodes, Sagar to fill vermilion in Tiya’s maang.

Who will save Gehna? Will Hema succeed? Has Kanak really changed? Keep following this space for more updates on your latest shows.