Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2: Gehna to go against Jamuna!

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Star Plus’ popular show Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 has gained popularity ever since Gehna and Anant have defeated Kumar and Sagar. Viewers are excited to see the couple who have started feeling for each other. With lots of twists and turns that came up, previously, the shock that Anant is shown dead. With Gehna going in shock after Anant’s death it’s great challenge for Gehna. The makers have now brought the track to a happy ending with Anant coming back to the Desias. Now, what will be Gehna’s next move will be something interesting to watch.

In the current track, everyone is happy with Anant being back. Desais celebrate. The media and everyone praises Anant and Gehna. Media asks Gehna about her past. Later, Gehna sees a girl dancing and feels a connection. Gehna is unable to think why she feels so. Later, Sagar gives statement against Kanak so Kanak makes a wall in making fall, but it falls on Jamuna. Kanak then confesses it was her doing. A girl named Swara comes to save Jamuna. Gehna notices her. Kanak discovers that Swara’s mother is Gehna’s mother too and they got separated. Kanak thinks to use this to save herself from going to jail. Police arrives and takes Kanak while Kanak whisper to Gehna that she knows her secret. Gehna asks what? Kanak says if you want to know come and meet me in jail. Kanak smirks. Gehna is in thoughts about what Kanak said. Anant asks Gehna not to give Kanak’s words so much importance as she is just playing with her mind. Gehna is still in thoughts and again has an encounter with Swara. Gehna takes care of Swara and her mother. Here, Jamuna thinks where is Gehna missing. Gehna returns with Swara and her mother and she requests all to let them stay with us for one day. Jamuna is against it but hearing Gehna, Praful allows. After the puja, Gehna falls sick so Anant takes care of her. Here, Jamuna shows how upset she ia from Praful because she agreed to Gehna. Later, Gehna gets to know that Swara and she have same mother. Gehna becomes emotional. Gehna hugs Kusum and then Swara. Swara is about to stab Gehna when Kusum stops her. Gehna goes to inform everyone. Here, Swara asks Kusum why she stopped her? Kusum says I remember what Gehna did with us but right now she has everything and we need to use the money and power she has and get her down. Flashback is shown where Kusum stole some jewels ans Gehna as a child exposes Kusum infront of her dad. Kusum is about to slap Gehna but Kusum gets slapped by her husband and is asked to return the jewels but Kusum takes Swara and leaves. Flashback ends. Kusum blames Gehna for her misery and so does Swara. Gehna infroms the Desai about Kusum being her mother.

In the upcoming episodes, Swara will dance in Desai mansion while the guests comment on the vibe her dancing gives.

Will Gehna be able to save Desai from Sagar’s next evil plan? How will Gehna prove Anant’s innocence?