Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2: Has Kanak really changed?

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Star Plus’s show Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 will see that now everything is back to normal like it was before Anant marrying to Gehna. With Jamuna praising Gehna for the Pandal preparation, wining the dance competition and also saving Anant from the fan falling on him. Jamuna has started talking to Gehna and volunteers to make Gehna’s favourite food for her. Not only this but Jamuna will tell Tiya to help Gehna for dance competition. Kanak, Hema and Radhika will be irritated by this and will feel angry about their plans failing. Kanak will tell them this last plan will not fail at all and it is a sure shot plan.

With Kanak telling Sagar to bring something, here Anant will wish Gehna best of luck with the preparation. Tiya and Gehna will start preparing the dance steps. Here, everyone will be shocked to see Kanak so considerate, as she will offer Jamuna to make jalebis. When Jamuna will ask her what about her dance preparations, she will say that she is impressed by Gehna today so that’s why she wants to do this. Sagar will give something to Kanak and Kanak will put it in one glass of lassi that will be for Gehna. Anant and Praful will also be surprised with Kanak going herself to call Gehna.

In the upcoming episodes, Gehna will come to eat, she will eat everything and will feel emotional that even Kanak supports her. Hema, Radhika and Kanak will smile and smirk that how naive is Gehna. Gehna will refuse to take the lassi as she had just drank a glass of haldi milk. But Kanak tells her to do drink it soon as she made it with lots of love. Gehna will agree and drink after sometime.

Radhika, Hema and Kanak will smile thinking now the drug will start working and Gehna will embarrass not only herself but the whole Desai family and then Jamuna will again be against her. During the dance competition when it will be Gehna’s turn, Kanak will put on some other song thinking now Gehna wi freeze on the stage but Gehna will start dancing.

What will happen to Gehna? Has Gehna really drank the spiked drink? What is in store for Gehna? Will Kanak’s plan be exposed? Keep following this space for more.