Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2: How will Gehna mend her mistake?

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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 has been gaining good TRPs. Viewers are liking the increasing closeness of Anant and Gehna. With Gehna trying to be independent and stand up for her loved ones is a great change brought to Gehna and her character. It is the motivation for many females who don’t speak out and stay in their comfort zone and keep on taking on the injustice done to them. With Anant supporting Gehna to complete her studies, it will be a treat to watch Gehna becoming more independent in the upcoming days.

Here, in the current track, Kanak, Hema and Sagar will be relieved as the recording won’t showcase any face because of the darkness. But Anant is determined to find the main culprit. Here Gehna will work for the Pandal recreation without sleeping at night. Anant will also help her. The next day Jamuna will be happy to see it and indirectly tell Gehna to take a rest. This will be a big achievement movement for Gehna.

In the upcoming episodes, Gehna will get lot of praises for handling the pandal duty so well even after the fire. With everyone appreciating Gehna, Radhika won’t be able to take it. Radhika will go to Gehna in private and compliment her skills in a taunting way. Then Radhika will say to Gehna how all the household work can be done easily by anyone and a maid, doing some productive work or earning work is different and sets you apart but i forgot you are not qualified enough to do it. Gehna will feel bad and she will think not to share this with Anant as the flashes of Anant and Radhika on bed comes in her mind.

What will Gehna do next?

Will Gehna be able to stand upon the new challenge thrown at her? What is Kanak’s new plan to embarrass Gehna? What will Gehna do about the dance competition?

What will Gehna do about Anant and Radhika? Will Radhika be successful in her plan? Keep following this space for more.