Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2: Kanak and Hema to be worried for Gehna’s well being?

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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 is seeing a important track where Gehna brings Sagar home as he lost his memory. It will be interesting to watch how will Gehna convince the family members that Sagar is not a danger. The makers have brought a plot twist with Radhika becoming Anant’s boss amd Radhika will use this to seperate Anant and Gehna. With so many challenges for Gehna, she has already seen deciding that she won’t back off when her marriage is in danger.

In the current track, Hema sees Kanak and diverts Gehna. Hema joins Kanak’s team. Kanak thinks Hema shouldn’t know she beat Sagar. Hema discloses to Jamuna that Gehna spoilt her saree. Gehna cries and Anant comes to her and consoles her. Anany gives baking powder to her. Gehna is happy thay it removes the grease.Gehna is about to slip Anant catches her.

Sagar sees this and tells Kanak and Radhika. Radhika feels jealous. Gehna gives Jamuna her saree. Jamuna notices flower embroidery and asks the reason. Gehna says I removed almost all stains but few spots were there so this was the best way to hide them and rectify my mistake. Jamuna praises Gehna and says now this saree has her mother’s and daughter’s sign. Later, Gehna gives medicines to Radhika with chilly in it.

Anant thinks Radhika is getting emotional seeing Gehna taking care of her. Later, Sagar comes to play with her. Sagar says he will put nail paint so Kanak lets her do it. Sagar ruins her hand. Hema sees it and praises Kanak how she is so good with Sagar. Here, Radhika orders a computer learning card for Gehna so that she can be busy while Anant can come to her.

Gehna also brings a surprise. It’s none other than Vineet, who has cancelled her plans and has come to stay with Radhika. Radhika is shocked. Radhika and Anant take Gehna aside and question her for bringing Vineet. Gehna says he left his work for Radhika and he is caring, Radhika should feel good about it. Radhika worries that Vineet’s good side can come infront of Anant. Tea was about to fall on Radhika and Vineet saves her.

Anant sees this and thinks if Praful was right that he is unable to see the truth. Radhika and Kanak worry that Vineet’s good side is coming infront of everyone. Kanak plans to tell Sagar a story and influences him to take revenge on the person who did wrong to him. Sagar goes to take revenge from Gehna. Sagar is about to throw something but then listens Gehna and Tiya talk and how Gehna feels bad for Sagat and she is preparing sweets for him.

Sagar thinks he can’t hurt Gehna. Sagar comes to Kanak and says the aame thing to her. Here, Gehna tells Anant that it’s Vineet’s birthday. They ask Radhika why she didn’t tell them. Radhika says she didn’t want to trouble them. Gehna goes to prepare something special for Vineet’s birthday, Vineet also accompanies her. Gehna praises Vineet’s cooking skills. They play musical pillow.

Anant does paper dance with Gehna but Gehna could sense Anant is thinking about Radhika. Here, Vineet sings a song for Radhika. At the end, it’s Gehna and Radhika left in the game. Kanak says whoever wins can ask the other person a question. They agree, Hema takes incharge of music and makes Radhika win. Radhika says this was a game of luck so let’s do a singing challenge. Radhika and Gehna both dance and sing. Gehna wins. Here, Sagar irritates Kanak and she starts beating him. Gehna comes to save Sagar. Anant says maybe Kanak only has beaten Sagar earlier.

Kanak starts acting infront of Jamuna. They all leave. Gehna taunts Kanak. Here, Kanak and Radhika talk in the store room that Anant and Vineet are going for a meeting alone and Anant might get to know the truth. Gehna hears all this and plans to expose Radhika. Radhika sees Gehna who hides inside the cupboard so Radhika locks her inside. Later,Kanak and Hema are shocked to know and think if Gehna dies then everyone will point on Kanak as Jamuna sent her to store room. Kanak and Hema rush to the store room but find the cupboard missing. They see few people taking it. Here, Gehna tries to call Anant but Anant can’t hear Gehna.

Anant calls back and hears the ringtone from cupboard so he breaks the door of cupboard. Gehna faints and Anant worries. Sapan asks Anant to give mouth to mouth to Gehna for oxygen.Gehna gains consciousness, Anant hugs her. Radhika shows fake concern and Gehna tells Anant how Radhika is the one who locked her in the store room cupboard.

In the upcoming episodes, Radhika will tell Gehna that she is doing all this as she is insecure. Gehna will say she is protecting people from her lies. Here, Anant will shout and yell. Anant will find out the truth.

Will Gehna be able to prove Vineet’s innocence? Will Gehna know the real reason for Anant’s changed attitude? Will Radhika’s real motive be fullfilled in Desai mansion?

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