Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2: Who will become the president?

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Star Plus’ popular show Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 is gaining popularity ever since Gehna and Anant have started feeling for each other. Anant is yet to realise his love for Gehna but for viewers it’s easily visible. With lots of twists and turns coming, with Kanak becoming the owner of the Desai mansion and making others her slave. It was interesting to watch how Gehna and Anant took over the property from Kanak. This made Kanak vulnerable. Now, what will be Kanak’s next move?

In the current track, Kanak declares to NGO people that she doesn’t feel threaten from Desais. Radhika feels angry. Later, Radhika comes to Kanak and confronts her why she sided with Gehna. Next day, Gehna starts her college and Anant goes to drop her. Gehna’s classmates praise Anant. The lecturer scolds Gehna and others for being late to class. Gehna decides to go home by herself. After class, Gehna takes a taxi and calls Anant. Anant scolds her for coming alone and then hears Gehna saying the taxi is going on a wrong route. Anant worries. Later, Anant and Gehna make the professor admit in the hospital. Anant asks Gehna who kidnapped her. Gehna is about to tell but she stops. Next day, the competition for the next president starts and Hema, Kanak team up against Gehna and Jamuna. Here, Anant finds a threat letter and spots Sagar but he is unable to get hold of him. Anant gets worried thinking this time Sagar can be very dangerous. Kanak and Radhika plan to make Gehna lose while Gehna wants to win and make Jamuna the president. Gehna wins the round where food is prepared. Radhika hides modaks prepared by Gehna which makes Gehna lose in that round. Later, Gehna calls the NGO ladies and announces that Radhika has decided to feel 200 people by sacrificing her sleep. Radhika gets shocked. Later, Radhika is praised by all for her dishes. Gehna comes with her modaks which shocks Kanak and Radhika as they hid it. Gehna shows them a video in which Kanak is stealing Gehna’s modaks. Gehna says she won’t show the video if Kanak does one thing. So, after winning, Kanak announces Jamuna as the president and NGO ladies get happy that everything got sorted. Gehna gives the credit to Radhika to stop her from doing anything further. Here, Anant is searching for Sagar, but Sagar kidnaps Praful and threatens him to stop Anant’s secret mission. Later, Praful comes back to the Desais. Anant is relieved to see his family together unharmed.

In the upcoming episodes, Gehna will see Sagar and will get shocked.

Will Gehna be able to save Desai from Kanak’s evil plan? How will Kanak be defeated? What will be Kanak upto next?