Saavi Ki Savaari 10th January 2023 Written Update: Sonam fails in her plan

Saavi Ki Savaari 10th January 2023 Written Update on

Episode begins with Shivam calls Dalmia house. Vedika picks the call. He recalls the moments he shared with his family in Suryavanshi factory and he talks about factory. And police officer disconnects the call saying that time is over. She thinks that Raksham called her and she tells about it to Uma Devi. Uma Devi asks her to live the present and not think about past because Raksham is not with them now.

On the other hand, Nityam feels dizzy. Sonam tells him that he need rest so she will drop him in his room. She takes him to his room. He falls on the bed and he thanks her for the help and tells her to sleep in her room. She notices Vedika calling Nityam and disconnects the call.

Meanwhile, Saavi gives tea to factory workers. Kaka tells her to go home and take rest. But she refuses to leave. She picks Vedika’s call and tells her that she will be late today. Vedika tells her that Nityam is not picking the call and asks her that if the latter talked to Sonam. Saavi tells her that Sonam and Nityam are same when it’s about work. She informs her that she did not talked to Sonam.

Later, Sonam wears her night dress. She tries to get close to Nityam. He struggles to sleep due to his nightmare. Saavi wakes up and thinks that Nityam must be struggling to sleep and she calls him. Nityam picks the call and asks her that what happened. She tells him that Vedika called him but he did not pick the call. He tells her that he did not get Vedika’s call and disconnects the call saying that he has to sleep. He asks Sonam that what is she doing in his room. Sonam lies to him that he called her. He tells her that he never called her. She shows her call history to him. She recalls that how she called her number from his phone.

She asks him that if he has any feelings for her because they were engaged. He tells her that he don’t have any feelings for her and she is just working partner for him. He apologizes to her if he crossed his limits then. She tells him that he did not cross his limits and he is also working partner for her and leaves the room. She cries recalling what Nityam said.

Next day, Nityam and Saavi behaves like they are with each other. He learns that investors are ready to invest in his project. Shivam calls Saavi and asks her to meet him because he want to talk to her and disconnects the call.

Sonam tells Ratna that everything is over. She says that she tried a lot but she don’t have place in Nityam’s heart. Ratna asks her to move on. Nityam tells Sonam that investors liked the presentation. Sonam decides to not back off.

Saavi meets Shivam and talks about Krishna. Shivam understands that Sonam is behind everything.

Episode ends.

Precap – Factory workers finishes the consignment. Thusar fixes dynamite to destroy the consignment.

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