Saavi Ki Savaari 10th November 2022 Written Update: Saavi saves Brijesh

Saavi Ki Sawaari 10th November 2022 Written Update on

Episode begins with Brijesh leaves the house with Raju. He hallucinates Saavi telling bye to him. He recalls that how he told Sonam to take care of everyone and how he hugged Ananya. He informs Nutan that where he kept money. He tells Ratna to take care of her. On the other hand, Saavi recalls that how Brijesh asked about his insurance papers and his words. Vedika asks her that what happened to her. Nityam asks Saavi to not worry because he did not face any loss in his business due to her actions. Vedika asks him that what happened. Nityam tells her that it’s between him and Saavi and nothing serious. Vedika teases him. He leaves for office.

Ratna’s chain gets broken. She gets worried saying that it’s bad omen. Nutan asks her to not worry. Saavi calls Nutan and tells her that she want to talk to Brijesh. Nutan informs her that Brijesh went out to buy raw materials for agarbati. Meanwhile, Brijesh asks Raju to come when he calls him. He says that it will take time to buy raw materials for agarbati. Raju leaves from there.

Vedika tells Saavi that she is going out for bank, but she has to cook lunch for Nityam. Saavi tells her that she will send lunch to Nityam’s office. She calls Raju and she asks him about Brijesh. Raju tells her that he dropped Brijesh in the market. Saavi thinks that they don’t buy raw materials for agarbati in that place. She asks him to come to the place where he dropped Brijesh and disconnects the call.

Brijesh goes in his wheelchair in the middle of the road. Saavi learns that there is no car left in the house. She stops the auto. She notices that she know the auto driver. She asks him to drop her at market. He tells her that he did night duty so he can’t drive now. She takes the key from him and starts driving the auto.

Later, Brijesh moves towards the tempo. Saavi hits his wheelchair slightly. She scolds him. He tells her that he is so helpless. He says that he know he is burden to his family. He reveals his plan to her. He asks her that why she saved him. She tells him that his life don’t belong to him only. She says that his insurance money can’t solve their problem. She tells him that she would have regretted whole life if anything happened to him then. She adds that they needs him more than money.

Raju calls Saavi and tells her that he could not find Brijesh. Saavi tells him that she found Brijesh and disconnects the call. Brijesh apologizes to Saavi. He promises on her that he won’t do something like this again. He asks her to not tell anyone about it. She hugs him. Raju comes there. Saavi tells Raju to get money from Brijesh. She realises that she did not send lunch to Nityam’s office.

Vedika enters the house and she asks Girdhar about Nityam’s lunch. Girdhar tells her that Saavi left the house without making lunch. Dimpy overhears their conversation. Saavi and Brijesh makes lunch in Goyal house. She tells everything to Nutan and Ratna. Sonam hears that. Nityam asks Kiran about lunch box. Kiran tells him that lunch box did not arrive yet.

Episode ends.

Precap – Vedika asks Saavi about Nityam’s lunch. Dadi tells Vedika that Saavi don’t understand her responsibility. Saavi leaves for Nityam’s office with lunch.

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