Saavi Ki Savaari 11th September 2023 Written Update: Nityam learns about Saavi’s pregnancy

Saavi Ki Savaari 11th September 2023 Written Update on

Episode begins with Ratna asks Sonam that if the latter mixed anything in the prasad. Sonam asks her to not suspect her. Nutan asks them that what happened. Sonam tells her about Ratna’s doubt. Nityam asks doctor that what happened to Saavi. He asks her that if she gave vitamin tablets to Saavi. Doctor tells him that Saavi need his care and leaves from there. Vedika tells something to Nutan. They congratulates to each other and laughs.

Saavi comes there. Nityam asks her that what doctor said. And he asks if she is fine. Everyone starts dancing. Nityam asks them that what happened. Vedika asks him to not scream. She reveals that Nityam is going to become a father. She says that she is going to become a Dadi. Nutan says that she is going to become a Nani.

Nityam gets emotional and cries. Saavi asks him that what happened. Raksham says that he will give lot of love to Saavi’s baby. Dalmias talks about Saavi’s baby. Sonam breaks the glass and goes to her room. She says that Saavi can’t give heir to Dalmias. And says that her child destiny can’t become like her destiny. She wonders that what she should do to stop Saavi from giving heir to Dalmias. Raksham comes there and asks Sonam that what happened to her hand. Sonam lies to him that she hurted her hand by mistake and she came to her room because she did not want to ruin Saavi’s happiness.

Nityam tells Saavi that she should not stress about anything. He says that he want to give all world happiness to his baby. Saavi tells him that she know he will become world’s best father.

Raksham treats Sonam’s injury. Sonam tells Raksham that he was majnu during their college days. She says that it’s good to see Raksham’s care. She asks him that if they can’t become like before. She tells him that they should give a chance to their relationship and she also deserves to become a mother. He tells him that he don’t have feelings for her now. He says that he is trying to forgive Sonam but he could not. He asks her to accept that they can’t become normal husband and wife and leaves from there. She gets angry at Raksham. She says that Raksham has to forgive her and she has to give heir to Dalmias.

Next day, Nityam makes healthy breakfast for Saavi. Vedika and Saavi laughs seeing this. Vedika tells Saavi that the latter should eat traditional food. Nityam tells her that his baby won’t eat traditional food. Nityam tells Saavi to eat salad. Vedika tells Saavi to eat laddu. Saavi tells them that she will eat both. Sonam comes there. She says that she made halwa for Saavi. She asks Saavi to taste it. Vedika tells Sonam to eat first. Sonam eats it. Vedika also eats it. Sonam feeds Saavi. Raksham comes there. Sonam says that not everyone is lucky to become a mother. She goes to her room. Saavi follows her.

Episode ends.

Precap  – Saavi learns that Sonam is behind the attack. She confronts Sonam. Raksham comes there.

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