Saavi Ki Savaari 12th November 2022 Written Update: Nityam takes a stand for Saavi

Saavi Ki Savaari 12th November 2022 Written Update on

Episode begins with Himesh asks Dimpy that what she will do when Saavi will say she sent food for them. Dimpy asks Dalmias to not say anything to Saavi. She says that she don’t want Saavi to feel bad. Dada agrees with Dimpy. He says that Saavi must have a reason to leave the house. Dadi tells Vedika that Saavi impressed Dimpy too.

On the other hand, Nityam apologizes to client for cancelling the meeting and disconnects the call. Saavi apologizes to him. She tells him that she did not told Kiran to cancel the meeting. He tells her that she did not let Kiran say that he is getting late for meeting. He stops the car. He sees beggars eating food. He tells her that this tiffin box is same like she brought for him. She wonders that how is this possible. Beggar coughs. Saavi get off the car and gives water to him. She realises that that’s her home tiffin box. She tells Nityam that she sent that tiffin box to Dalmias through Ananya.

Dadi praises Dimpy. Nityam and Saavi comes there. Nityam says that he just got to know that they did not ate still. Vedika tells him that they ate already. He asks her that what they ate. Dadi says that they ate because Dimpy cooked lunch or else Saavi forgot about them. Saavi tells her that she sent tiffin box through Ananya. She claims that Ananya gave the tiffin box to Dimpy. Everyone gets shocked hearing her. Dimpy says that she saw that food was so oily and she did not tell anyone about it. Himesh tells her that Goyal house kitchen won’t be clean like Dalmia kitchen. Nityam says that he also ate that food and it was tasty. He says that he know Goyal family is poor but their heighen is really good. He murmurs to Dimpy that he don’t know her intention. He warns her to stay good or else she will lose many things and goes inside.

Dimpy says that she can do anything but Nityam doubt her intention always. Vedika tells her that the latter disrespected the food. Dimpy goes inside. Dada says that he feel like he ate hotel food. Dadi takes him to give medicine. Vedika praises Saavi and goes inside.

Brijesh calls Vedika and apologizes to her on behalf of Saavi. Vedika tells him that everything is fine now. He tells her that Saavi is lucky to get her as mother in law. He informs her that Saavi got late because she saved him from an accident. She asks him that if he is fine. He tells her that he is fine now and disconnects the call. Ratna hears everything. She asks him that what is he hiding from her. He tells the truth to her.

Vedika gives food to Saavi. She says sorry to her. Saavi tells her that she can understand mother feelings. Vedika asks her to support both Goyal family and Dalmia family.

Ratna meets Saavi in Dalmia house. She tells her that she know what Brijesh tried to do. Saavi tells her that Brijesh won’t repeat that mistake. Ratna says that they will die one by one. She adds that Saavi will be responsible for their death.

Episode ends.

Episode begins with Dimpy enters Dadi’s room saying that she brought her medicine. Dadi taunts her for coming to the room after long time. Dimpy tells her that she can do many things but no one gives her chance. She says that Vedika trust Saavi so much but Saavi failed to fulfill her responsibility. Dadi asks her that what happened. Dimpy tells her that Saavi left the house without making lunch. Dadi says that Vedika should not have given kitchen duty to Saavi.

On the other hand, Saavi tells Nutan that she is going to Nityam’s office with his lunch. She asks her to send Ananya to Dalmia house with another lunch box. Vedika calls Saavi and asks her that why lunch did not reach Nityam’s office yet. Saavi tells her that she came out for an important work but she cooked in Goyal house so she is going to Nityam’s office to give lunch to Nityam.

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