Saavi Ki Savaari 12th September 2023 Written Update: Razak informs Saavi about Sonam’s wrongdoing

Saavi Ki Savaari 12th September 2023 Written Update on

Episode begins with Sonam tells herself that Saavi is flying so much and she will cut Saavi’s wings. Saavi comes there. She tells Sonam that Vedika did mean to hurt the latter. Sonam tells her that she understands everything. She says that she is happy she is going to become a maasi. She tells her that it looks like God is angry at her that’s why she did not get pregnant. She informs her that Raksham don’t love her like before and it’s not his mistake. She says that she is facing all this because of her actions. And says that she tried to snatch Saavi’s happiness and God snatched her happiness. She cries. Saavi thinks that she has to unite Raksham and Sonam. She tells her sister that everything will become fine and leaves from there.

Saavi shows her sonography photo to Raksham. She says that Nityam cried seeing this photo. She tells him that becoming mother is every women’s dream and becoming father is precious too. Raksham asks her to take care of herself. Nityam and Vedika argues about interior design of Nityam’s room. Raksham and Saavi sees this. Saavi tells Raksham that she never saw Nityam this much happy. She says that she suffered a lot because of Nityam and she forgave him that’s why she is happy now. She adds that everyone deserves a second chance including Sonam. Sonam tells Raksham to beat her how much he want. Raksham forgives her. Sonam hugs him and thanks him. She thinks that she know Saavi will convince Raksham. Saavi picks Razak’s call and goes to meet him.

Sonam decorates the room and she also gets ready. She tells herself that Raksham won’t see anything else than her. Raksham comes there with flower bouquet. He gives flower bouquet to her and he compliments her. She tells him that he is looking handsome. She consummate her marriage with him and it turns out to be her dream. She says that she will become a mother first and she will give heir to Dalmias first.

Razak tells Saavi that Sonam is responsible for garage attack. He reveals that, the phone the latter gave her belongs to a goon and Sonam talked to that goon many times. Saavi asks him to not tell about it to anyone. He nods at her. He tells her to take rest and leaves from there.

Sonam waits for Raksham. She notices that goon is calling her and she disconnects the call. She wonders that if goon is calling her to blackmail her. Saavi comes there and asks Sonam to pick the call. She asks her that how can the latter try to kill Nityam. Sonam tells her that she wanted to damage the auto model only. Saavi tells her that she won’t expose her and she won’t trust her too. She says that she won’t let Sonam attack Nityam again and leaves from there.

Raksham hears this and he lashes out at Sonam. Sonam tells him that she did not want to hurt Nityam and she wanted funds for them. He regrets for loving her. He tells her that everything is over between them. She tells him that she did everything for him. He tells her that she can’t give heir to Dalmias and leaves from there. She says that everything happened because of Saavi.

Episode ends.

Precap – Vedika plans Saavi’s baby shower ceremony. Sonam hires a goon to kill someone.

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