Saavi Ki Savaari 13th January 2023 Written Update: Saavi finishes the consignment work with Thusar’s help

Saavi Ki Savaari 13th January 2023 Written Update on

Episode begins with Saavi closes the factory. Thusar comes there with old factory workers who used to work there. He asks Saavi that why she is closing the factory when they have to work in the factory to complete the consignment. He says that they have one day to reach the deadline. Saavi tells him that they don’t have raw materials. 

In the hospital, Joshi regains his consciousness and he notices Nityam. He asks him to do work at factory because doctor is there to take care of him. Nityam tells Joshi that he is not afraid of him now because he become an adult. He asks him to take rest. 

Factory workers says that they will use the money which Nityam gave them for compensation to buy raw materials. They says that they won’t let this factory get closed. Saavi gets emotional hearing them. She says that there is still hope to save the factory. Thusar tells her that no one can stop them. They opens the factory and starts working. 

Sonam tells police officer that she want to meet Shivam for 5 minutes only. Police officer tells her that she can’t meet Shivam because only one person can meet the prisoner per day. Meanwhile, Lawyer Awasthi tells Shivam to sign on the documents. Shivam thanks him for arranging bail. Awasthi tells him that it was not easy and tomorrow the latter will be released. 

Vedika tells Uma Devi that Joshi’s condition is getting better. Devraj talks about Nityam and Joshi’s bond. Dimpy tells them that Saavi is responsible for the factory loss. Thasu comes there and tells them that factory is running again and factory workers returned to work. Vedika asks her that how it happened. Thasu tells her that Thusar helped Saavi and convinced factory workers to return to factory. Dimpy thinks that Thusar has to pay for double crossing her. 

Saavi talks to Nityam and Joshi through video call. Joshi blesses them. Saavi and factory workers asks Joshi to take care. Joshi tells them that he will return soon. 

Dimpy calls Thusar and scolds him for double crossing her. Thusar tells her that he finished her work. She tells him that she wanted the factory to get closed but he ruined her plan so she prepared a gift for him. She sends a video to him in which he fixes dynamite to destroy the consignment. He tells her that she is doing wrong. She tells him that he deserves punishment for deceiving her. She threatens to upload this video on Dalmias website and disconnects the call. 

Ratna calls Saavi and tries to ask her that if the latter met Shivam in the jail. Saavi tells her that she don’t have time because she has to deliver the consignment. Sonam takes the phone from Ratna and makes an excuse and disconnects the call. She scolds Ratna for trying to ask Saavi about Shivam. 

Thusar pleads Dimpy to not release the video. Dimpy asks him to elope with Thasu if he don’t want her to upload the video then. He nods at her. 

Episode ends. 

Precap  – Thasu asks Nityam that if money is everything for him. Later, Thusar tells Thasu that they will go to Bangalore. 

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