Saavi Ki Savaari 14th September 2022 Written Update: Nityam gets engaged with Sonam

Saavi Ki Sawaari 14th September 2022 Written Update:on

Episode begins with everyone notices ring on Sonam’s ring finger. Nityam asks Sonam about the ring. Sonam lies they she was trying rings with Saavi but forgot to remove it. Saavi gets shocked hearing her. Vedika says that it’s not a big deal. Sonam tries to remove it but fails. She blames Saavi for giving small size ring to her. Saavi tries to remove it. She murmurs to her that what’s all this. She says that it’s a gold ring. Sonam tells her that it’s not gold. Saavi asks her that why the latter lied before everyone. Sonam tells her that she thought the latter will understand her.

Dimpy and Himesh wonders that what Sonam and Saavi talking about. Saavi tells Vedika that she is not able to remove the ring. Vedika tells Nityam to put the ring on same finger. Nityam puts the ring on Sonam’s ring finger. Everyone claps. Sonam’s ring fell near Saavi. Dimpy taunts Sonam. Nityam taunts her. Saavi takes the ring from the floor. Nityam snatches the ring from her. He puts the ring on Sonam’s ring finger again. Dada says that everything went well at end. They clicks family photo.

Later, Ananya tells Saavi that they should not go in the auto to Dalmia’s house from next time. Nutan tells Saavi that Nityam’s ring looked expensive. She asks her that how the latter arranged extra money. Saavi recalls that how she signed on the agreement that she won’t get married without paying the debt amount. She tells her that their auto managed everything.

Sonam tries to remove Shivam’s ring but fails. Shivam calls Sonam and he asks her that if she told her family about their engagement. He says that he want to send their engagement video to everyone. She scolds him. She tells him that she wants time. Saavi comes there. She asks her to not hide anything from her. She says that she knows Sonam love someone. She says that only Sonam’s happiness matters for them.

Sonam tells her that she is stuck with her college librarian and his name is Radhe Shyam Varma. She tells her that he is blackmailing her. Saavi tells her that the latter should have slapped him. Sonam tells her that he tortured her mentally. She says that she don’t want to talk about him. Saavi tells her that they can take police’s help. Sonam removes Shivam’s ring. She tells her that she will handle him. She asks her to not tell about it to anyone.

Vedika asks Nityam to renew his passport. Sonam sends message to Nityam. He smiles seeing that. He tells Vedika that tomorrow he will go to police station for passport verification. Vedika teases him and leaves from there. Sonam smiles seeing Nityam’s reply. Meanwhile, Dimpy sees engagement photos. She tells Himesh that Sonam looks scared in the photos. She wonders that what Sonam hiding. Saavi goes for night duty.

Next day, Nityam goes to police station. He notices Saavi’s auto outside the police station. PA tells Nityam that Police inspector is busy with Saavi. Nityam wonders that what Saavi doing in the police station. Police inspector asks Saavi that what’s the problem. He asks her that if auto union people troubling her again. Saavi tells him that this time matter is about Sonam. She says that it’s a personal matter so she don’t want anyone to know about it. Nityam overhears their conversation. He greets police inspector. Saavi gets shocked hearing his voice.

Episode ends.

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