Saavi Ki Savaari 15th November 2022 Written Update: Dimpy suspects Saavi

Saavi Ki Savaari 15th November 2022 Written Update on

Episode begins with Himesh asks Dimpy that why she is sleeping on the sofa. Dimpy tells him that Saavi is not in the house. She says that she will catch Saavi red-handed when she enters the house. She asks him to record it. Saavi comes from inside and drinks water. Dimpy gets shocked seeing that. She asks Himesh that how Saavi entered the house. Himesh tells her that Saavi never left the house that’s why she came from inside. He tells her that she would have dreamt about it and goes inside.

Saavi hopes that they don’t come in between her and her plan for 3 months. She enters the room. Nityam asks her that where she went. He says that he know everything. She gets shocked hearing him. He tells her that she went out because she has problem with AC. He covers her with blanket ( Title song plays in the background ).

Next day, Brijesh calls Saavi and tells her that Raju brought so much money. He learns that Saavi is sleeping now. Saavi murmurs that she slept for an hour only. Nutan asks her that if the latter did not slept at night. Saavi realises that what she said. She tells her that she felt like she slept for an hour only and disconnects the call. Brijesh says that they can spend this money for two days. Ratna reads Saavi’s letter and gets happy.

Sonam thinks that she has to do something. Ratna tells Sonam that they got extra money today. Sonam tells her that the latter changed party just with one letter. Ratna tells her Sonam’s plan is still dream but Saavi helping them in reality. Sonam says that Shivam suspecting them due to Dillu. Ratna ignores Dillu’s call. Sonam asks her to pick the call and threaten him. Ratna warns Dillu to not call her again and disconnects the call. She says that Dillu won’t come in Sonam’s way.

Saavi plans a way to earn extra money. She apologizes to Vedika for getting up late. Vedika tells her that the latter is glowing today. She says that it looks like Saavi found hope for something. She asks her to cook for Nityam today too. She says that Nityam liked Saavi’s handmade food that’s why she is asking this. Saavi nods at her.

Dimpy tells Himesh that she will prove that Saavi is hiding something from them. She calls Sonam and asks her that what’s happening there. She tells her about what she saw yesterday. Sonam asks her to not try to act smart because everyone know Saavi’s character.

Saavi cooks food in sleepy mood. She thinks that she has to find out that how much time it takes to reach Nityam’s office area. Sonam helps Nutan to make laddu. She says that she will deliver laddu box in Nityam’s office. Girdhar informs Vedika that Saavi left for Nityam’s office with tiffin box. Vedika gets happy hearing him.

Nityam scolds his staffs for not preparing a perfect presentation. Saavi comes there. Kiran tells her that Nityam is not in a good mood. He tells her about presentation issue. She finds an idea to earn more money. She notices Sonam there. She asks her to give the lunch to Nityam and leaves from there.

Episode ends.

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