Saavi Ki Savaari 16th January 2022 Written Update: Nityam enters the factory

Episode begins with Vedika tells Saavi that arrangement is beautiful. She gets happy seeing the gifts. Saavi tells her that she prepared them for factory workers. Vedika tells her that for Nityam it will be charity only. Saavi tells her that she already talked to Nityam and she is not doing anything wrong because factory workers deserves this. She says that she decided to listen her heart not Nityam. She tells her that she will lose her identity if she agreed with Nityam always then.

She claims to keep the relationship without losing her identity and she know it won’t be easy but they will reach the goal for sure. Vedika calls Nityam and makes him stand near Saavi. She makes them feed sweet to each other. She tells them to distribute the gifts to factory workers and goes inside. Nityam tells Saavi that he don’t like to lose. Saavi tells him that they are in the same team and asks why she will fight with him.

On the other hand, Sonam tells Ratna that they can’t meet Shivam if they went to the factory celebration then. Ratna tells her that without meeting Shivam they can’t learn the truth so they should meet Shivam. Nutan tells them that they should leave for factory and leaves from there. Ratna tells Sonam that they will go to meet Shivam from the factory.

Meanwhile, Thaasu packs her clothes. Dimpy sees that and notices the note which Thaasu wrote for Saavi. She calls Thusar and tells him to be ready because Thaasu decided to elope with him. Himesh comes there and asks her that what is she doing there. She shows expensive things to him saying that she is going to donate them. He taunts her and leaves from there. She tells herself that using Thaasu she will get Himesh and throw Saavi from the house.

Dalmias reaches the factory. Vedika tells Saavi that she is not able to convince Nityam. Joshi convinces Nityam to get off the car. Nityam gets emotional seeing the factory. Saavi gets happy seeing her auto. She tells Razak that every celebration is incomplete without her auto. Uma Devi asks Himesh about Thaasu. Himesh tells her that Thaasu is getting ready.

Nityam breaks the coconut on Vedika’s behest. He recalls that how he entered the factory with his family. He enters the factory. Vedika thinks that Saavi unlocked one more door from Nityam’s heart. Nityam recalls that how his father struggled to run the factory. He also recalls that how factory workers refused to help them after his father’s death. Vedika comes there. He tells her that Saavi thinks that owner and workers should stay like friends but she don’t know money binds their relationship. Saavi gets surprised learning that she got Manager job at factory. Dimpy thinks that this is Saavi’s last smile. Meanwhile, Thaasu meets Thusar in the bus stand.

Episode ends.