Saavi Ki Savaari 16th November 2022 Written Update: Saavi gets huge contract

Saavi Ki Savaari 16th November 2022 Written Update on

Episode begins with Saavi asks Sonam that what is the latter doing there. Sonam tells her about laddu. Saavi asks her to give the lunch to Nityam because she has to go urgently. She gives the lunch to her and leaves from there. Sonam thinks that this is the right chance to impress Nityam.

On the other hand, Dadi eats Saavi’s handmade food to know the taste. She realises that food is so spicy. She calls Vedika and tells her that Saavi made horrible food. Vedika tells her that yesterday only Nityam praised the food. Dadi tells her that Nityam did that to make Vedika happy. Vedika tells her that maybe today’s food is not good. She asks Girdhar to bring the food. Dadi tells her that she throw the food away. Vedika says that yesterday Dimpy throw the food away and today Dadi. She says that they are behaving like this because Saavi is from poor family. Dadi asks her to stop defending Saavi and leaves from there. Dimpy wonders that why Saavi made mistake.

Sonam enters Nityam’s cabin. She tells Nityam that she made extra lunch today for her female colleague but she did not come today so she decided to have lunch with him. Himesh hears everything. He picks Dimpy’s call and learns about Saavi’s blunder. He informs her about Sonam’s lie.

Raju asks Saavi that how many times she will read the contract papers. Saavi tells him that she is happy that they got contract from call centre. He tells her that no one will identify her in that way. He reminds her that she won’t have any holiday. She gives laddu to him and few kids to share her happiness.

Sonam talks about automobile to impress Nityam. Nityam eats and makes a face. She asks him to not praise her because she cooks like this daily. He asks her that if she ate the food. He coughs and drinks water. She eats. He tells her that he can’t eat this food and leaves for his meeting. Dadi tells Dada that everything changed. She says that she never treated Vedika like this. Dada tells her that he is happy, she realized this. Himesh tells Sonam that Dimpy has a plan for damage control.

Nityam scolds his staffs for delaying the presentation. He says that he wants the presentation in 10 minutes. Sonam comes there and offers help. He nods at her. She also starts making presentation. She says that she finished it. He sees the presentation. She recalls that how Himesh gave presentation to her.

Saavi enters the house and thanks God. Dimpy thinks that she will get a chance to expose Saavi. Saavi gives laddu box to Girdhar. She picks someone’s call and says that she will meet at 11pm. Dimpy tells herself that tonight she will expose Saavi. Later, Saavi tries to sneak out of the house.

Episode ends.

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