Saavi Ki Savaari 20th December 2022 Written Update: Vedika forgives Himesh for Saavi’s sake

Saavi Ki Savaari 20th December 2022 Written Update on

Episode begins with Vedika asks Dimpy that why the latter did like that. Dimpy asks Himesh that why he choosed shortcut to become big businessman. She says that Himesh should not have done this. She asks him that why he ruined Nityam’s reputation. She tells him to not act and tell the truth to Vedika. She says that she is getting blamed because she is daughter in law of this house. Vedika asks Dimpy that what is all this. Dimpy lies to her that Himesh is behind everything and she tried to stop him. Himesh thinks that Dimpy betrayed him. He accepts that Dimpy is telling the truth.

On the other hand, Krishna tells Sonam and Ratna that he can’t stay in the storeroom anymore because that’s really suffocating. He asks them to arrange 10 lakhs rupees as soon as possible. He threatens to kill himself to send them to jail. Sonam tells him that she will give 10 lakhs rupees to him after becoming Mrs. Dalmia. He gives 24 hours to her.

Himesh lies that he forged Dimpy’s signature and bribed Yamini. Dimpy scolds him for betraying everyone. Himesh apologizes to Vedika. Saavi says that Himesh can’t do this. Dimpy tells her that she know it’s hard to believe that Himesh did all this. She apologizes to Vedika on behalf of Himesh. Vedika says that she will tell the truth to Nityam. Dimpy tells Vedika that Nityam will call the Police. Vedika leaves from there and Saavi follows the former. Dimpy recalls that how she got call from bank manager.

Saavi tells Vedika that all the relations will be ruined if Himesh went out of the house then. Vedika asks her that how can the latter say this when Saavi is living like a stranger due to Himesh’s actions. Saavi says that she know about Nityam’s second marriage proposal and her relationship with Nityam was weak since beginning so it was bound to happen one day. She tells her that Himesh can’t get separated from Uma Devi and Thasu. Vedika asks her that don’t the latter want to change Nityam’s opinion about her. Saavi tells her that she wanted to mend her relationship with her and she don’t want anything else. She asks her to forgive Himesh and give another chance to him.

Himesh recalls that how Dimpy blamed him. He tells Uma Devi that he is such a bad person and cries. Uma Devi asks him that what happened. Vedika lies to her that Himesh could not arrange gift for Uma Devi on time. Uma Devi picks Mahaan’s ji call and gets happy.

Vedika scolds Himesh for always running away from his responsibilities. She says that she never thought he will do something like this against Nityam. Himesh asks her that why she saved him. She tells him that she did not expose him due to Saavi. She threatens to send him to jail if he repeat his mistake then and leaves from there.

Episode ends.

Episode begins with Saavi learns about Nityam’s second marriage proposal. Nityam comes there and asks her that what is she doing in his room when Vedika gave a separate room to her. He asks her that why she is coming to his room again and again when she hate him so much. She tells him that she don’t hate him. He says that in this matter also their opinion differs. She tells him that he can share his room with a girl whose opinion matches with his opinion.

She apologizes to him for seeing it and gives the cover to him. He realises that Uma Devi was talking about this surprise. He tells Saavi that he got to know about it now only. She tells him that he need not to give an explanation because their marriage is going to end. He tells her that she need not to hide her feelings from him.

He says that it won’t be easy for Saavi to see all this because she is legally his wife still. He tells her that he will tell Uma Devi to postpone the second marriage topic. She tells him that he need not to do that because their relationship is going to end soon. He says that it looks like she wants this to happen. She tells him that it does not matter what she wants. She says good luck to him for his future and leaves from there. She recalls the moments she shared with Nityam.

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