Saavi Ki Savaari 21st December 2022 Written Update: Himesh yells at Thasu in frustration

Saavi Ki Savaari 21st December 2022 Written Update on

Episode begins with Brijesh calls Saavi and asks her to pack her clothes. He tells her that they know the truth so they are coming to pick her up. Saavi asks him that how he know the truth. He tells her that he won’t let Dalmias insult her. She tells him that she will leave the house after Uma Devi and Devraj’s golden jubilee. He asks her that why she is caring about Dalmias still. She tells him that she received love too not just pain. She reminds him that she made mistake by lying. He tells her that she has to leave Dalmia house tomorrow. She thanks him and disconnects the call. She packs her clothes and she thanks her room. She tells herself that she is glad she mended her relationship with Vedika and now she can leave the house. Vedika hears that and thinks that she won’t let Saavi leave the house. 

Ratna tells Sonam that Saavi will leave Dalmia house tomorrow so they should make sure Krishna leaves the house before Saavi comes. She asks her to get 10 lakhs rupees from Dimpy. 

Vedika tells Nityam that she have something important to talk to him about his and Saavi’s relationship. Nityam tells her that everything is over and tomorrow Saavi is leaving the house. Uma Devi comes there and says that Riya’s family coming to meet Nityam. Vedika says that Saavi did not had any other choice than working at night for Goyal family. Nityam says that Saavi ruined their reputation. Vedika says that someone else is behind everything and Saavi deserves a chance. Nityam tells her that Saavi lied to her. Uma Devi asks Vedika that if the latter know the name of real culprit. Nityam tells Uma Devi that it’s wrong to talk about his marriage because he is married still. Uma Devi tells him that it’s not wrong to see the girl and leaves from there. Vedika thinks that she should find some other way and leaves from there. 

Himesh recalls that how Dimpy blamed him for everything. Dimpy tells him that Sonam wants 10 lakhs rupees in cash. He gives 10 lakhs rupees to her. She says that they can’t give money to Sonam just because Sonam asking them. He calls Sonam and tells her that Dimpy won’t give money to her and disconnects the call. He asks Dimpy to decide first what she wants to do and leaves from there. She wonders that why his attitude changed. 

Next day, Saavi looks after the decorations. She asks Vedika to celebrate Devraj and Uma Devi’s golden jubilee and forget everything else. 

Himesh refuses to do rehearsal. Thasu tries to convince him. He yells at her in frustration. She tells him that she thought he is changing but she was wrong. He tells her that he will disappoint her always. She leaves from there. Saavi tells Himesh that she know he thinks he don’t deserve Thasu’s love. He tells her that they are strangers and she don’t know him. He sends her from there and cries recalling the moments he shared with Thasu. 

Episode ends. 

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