Saavi Ki Savaari 21st January 2023 Written Update: Saavi cut off all ties with Nityam

Saavi Ki Savaari 21st January 2023 Written Update on

Episode begins with Saavi confronts Nityam. Nityam tells her that she crossed all the limits today. Saavi informs him that she sent voice message to him. He notices the voice message and he tells her that they should move on. She tells him that they can’t move on in their life because it’s time to end everything. He tells her that he just did not see her message. She tells him that he snatched her auto from her. She asks him that why he did like that. She says that he wanted freedom from this marriage which she is giving him today. She adds that she just got pain in this marriage so she don’t want this marriage.

Meanwhile, Nutan tells Vedika that Saavi don’t have time to visit them. She informs her about her husband’s barsi which is after two days. Vedika tells her that she will inform Saavi about barsi and they will visit Goyal house for sure and disconnects the call. She asks Girdhar that if Saavi has returned.

Saavi packs her clothes. Nityam tells her that she won’t get anything by doing all this. He says that she is complicating the things. She tells him that she is making everything easy. She says that she is not telling anything to Vedika because Vedika will try to stop her. She tells him that she don’t want to live in his house. She asks him to not stop her because he never liked her and he had problem with her and this marriage. She leaves the room. He follows her.

Vedika notices Saavi and she asks her that where the latter is going at this time. Saavi tells her that she is going to Goyal house. Vedika tells her that she know the latter is going for her father’s barsi. She says that she will come to attend the barsi. She adds that she will tell Nityam to drop her. Saavi tells her that she will go with driver. She hugs her and tells her that she will miss her. Vedika tells her that they will meet after two days but she is reacting like she is leaving forever and goes inside. Saavi sees Himesh and she tries to talk to him but he goes inside. She tells driver that she will go in auto and leaves from there.

Himesh tells Dimpy that Saavi left for Goyal house for her father’s barsi. Dimpy tells him that she missed him so much. He tells her that he missed her so much too. He says that everything is fine in Thasvi’s life due to Dimpy. He tells her that she saved Thasvi. She tells him that she should not have put the blame on him. She says that Saavi left the house forever because Nityam did not forgive Saavi. She takes him to the kitchen and tells him that Saavi’s cup is missing which she got during Uma Devi and Devraj’s golden jubilee.

On the other hand, Nutan tells Brijesh that the list is huge. She says that Saavi know everything. Saavi comes there. Brijesh says that he know Saavi will come to prepare for barsi.

Episode ends.

Precap – Nityam visits Goyal house. He asks Saavi that what he should do. Saavi tells him that she want her auto for barsi puja. He tries to get her auto.