Saavi Ki Savaari 23rd January 2023 Written Update: Kiran advices Nityam

Saavi Ki Savaari 23rd January 2023 Written Update on

Episode begins with Nityam recalls Saavi’s words and he feels frustrated. He calls Kiran and asks him to come to Dalmia house. On the other hand, Saavi gets surprised seeing Jeevika in her house. She welcomes her and she introduces Jeevika to her family. Jeevika tells her that she missed her train so she want a safe place to stay tonight. Saavi and her family convinces Jeevika to stay with them. And Saavi takes Jeevika inside.

Kiran asks Nityam that why the latter called him. Nityam tells him that he is not getting sleep so he want to work now. Kiran gets shocked hearing him. Jeevika asks Saavi that if the latter found her auto. Saavi cries hugging her and tells her everything.

Nityam asks Kiran to not cry. Kiran tells him that he is sleepy. Nityam tells him that night time is best to work. He asks him to drink coffee for energy. He tells him to play kick boxing with him.

Jeevika feels bad for Saavi after hearing her story. She tells her that she want to say something but what if that hurted her. Saavi tells her that she lost her auto and nothing can hurt her more than that. Jeevika tells her that the latter love Nityam. She says that Saavi is upset not only for losing her auto but also for losing Nityam. Saavi refuses to believe her.

Nityam asks Kiran that if the latter think Saavi will return while kick boxing. Kiran tells him that it depends on their problem. Nityam scolds him. Kiran wonders that what is the problem. Saavi tells Jeevika that she hate Nityam. Jeevika tells her that their loved ones only can hurt them. Saavi asks her to sleep or else the latter will miss her train tomorrow too. Jeevika goes inside.

Nityam tells Kiran to play video game with him. Kiran tells him that the latter is ignoring the problem instead of facing it that’s why he is not able to sleep now. He asks him to apologize to Saavi to solve the problem and leaves from there. Nityam screams that he will dismiss Kiran.

Saavi and Nityam struggles to sleep ( Sad version of Yeh dooriyan song plays in the background ). Saavi tells herself that it’s impossible that she love Nityam and she hate Nityam.

Next day, Jeevika asks Saavi’s family to visit her house when they visits Pune. Nutan tells her that they will attend her marriage. Jeevika says that it’s her dream to get married and have kids. Brijesh says that they are lucky to get a son in law like Nityam. Jeevika asks Saavi to think about what she said yesterday and leaves for railway station. Meanwhile, Nityam talks nicely to Saavi’s neighbors. Saavi’s family arranges house for barsi puja. They gets shocked seeing Nityam there.

Episode ends.

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