Saavi Ki Savaari 24th November 2022 Written Update: Nityam attempts to skip puja

Saavi Ki Savaari 24th November 2022 Written Update on

Episode begins with Saavi enters the room and she gets shocked seeing Nityam in towel and turns around. He asks her that why she did not knock the door. She tells him that he broke the rule because it’s his jogging time and moves towards the bathroom. He holds her hand and asks her to not try to become oversmart. He tells her that he has to get ready to go to office. She tells him that she has to take bath and attend the puja. She says that she can’t get late today. He tells her it’s his house, his room and his rules. She tells him that he can change in any room and goes inside the bathroom.

Dimpy apologize to Priest for her yesterday’s mistakes. Priest tells her that she realised her mistake and that’s enough. She gives juice to him and he drinks it. She thinks that Priest will spend his whole day in the bathroom today and she can follow Saavi. Meanwhile, Vedika cries seeing her family photo. She hides the photo hearing Saavi’s voice. Saavi tells her that Nityam is going to office today. She says that seems like Nityam has an important meeting. Vedika tells her that Nityam is making an excuse to skip bharat milap puja. She says that she won’t let Nityam go to office. Saavi tells her that she has an idea to make Nityam stay in the house.

Priest starts telling the story of bharat milap. Saavi tells Uma Devi that Nityam is getting ready to go for office but Vedika wants him to stay in the house. Uma Devi asks Nityam to not go to office. Saavi tells Nityam that even guests have been arrived so it won’t be good if he leaves the house. Nityam agrees to stay.

In the lodge, Sonam asks Shivam to not waste time and call the Police. Shivam tells her that he won’t do anything which will give peace to her. He tells her that he saw everything in his life and he will make sure that she suffers a lot. He calls Saavi tells her that he want to meet her. Sonam tries to snatch his phone.

Saavi wonders that why Shivam wants to meet her suddenly. Vedika hugs her and thanks her for stopping Nityam from going to office. Saavi asks for Vedika’s phone. Vedika calls Nityam and takes his phone from him. She gives the phone to Saavi. Saavi sends location to Shivam. She gets excited to introduce Shivam to Dalmias.

Shivam tells Sonam that he will tell the truth to Saavi’s in laws. He locks the door and leaves from there. She sneaks out of the lodge and gets in the auto. Priest tells bharat milap story. Nityam recalls the moments he shared with Raksham and goes to gate.

Episode ends.

Precap – Nityam tells Vedika that he hate Raksham. Shivam overhears their conversation.

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