Saavi Ki Savaari 2nd November 2022 Written Update: Dadi humiliates Saavi

Saavi Ki Savaari 2nd November 2022 Written Update on

Episode begins with Nityam asks Vedika about laxmi narayan trust fund. Vedika tells him that she sent it already. He stops the car in the middle of the way. He get off the car and calls someone. Himesh tells Dimpy that this year Vedika wants Nityam and Saavi to perform puja. He tells her that he know she is angry that they did not get a chance to perform puja. Dimpy tells him that she is getting a chance to ruin Saavi’s first diwali.

On the other hand, Brijesh notices that Saavi made agarbati and packed it. He tells Nutan that Saavi is taking care of them after going to in laws house too. Ratna says that Saavi should have accepted Nityam’s money. She says they can’t celebrate diwali well. One guy comes there. He says that he is working for Laxmi narayan trust. He says that he came to give order of 5 lakhs agarbati. He gives ingredients and advance to them.

Vedika says that from this year Saavi will give gifts to servants. Saavi starts giving gifts to servants. Vedika asks her to make rangoli on the main door and goes inside. Dimpy tells her that the latter must be feeling that bad because the latter’s family can’t celebrate diwali well. Saavi tells her that she is happy seeing servants getting bonus and gifts. She goes to make rangoli.

Kiran tells Nityam that they can’t angry media again. Nityam asks him that if the latter want to make his diwali celebration public for damage control. He says that he liked the idea. He asks him to manage everything. Saavi picks Nutan’s call. Ratna informs Saavi about 5 lakhs agarbati order and advance. Ananya says that they can celebrate diwali well. Saavi realises that Nityam helped her family without hurting their sentiments. She makes rangoli happily. Kiran and Nityam comes there. Kiran tells Saavi that rangoli is beautiful.

Saavi is about to tell Vedika about trust fund order. Vedika tells her that she know everything. She says that it’s Nityam’s responsibility to take care of Goyal family. Dimpy learns that Saavi don’t have smart phone so she mocks her. Rajat tells his co-worker that he is going to take Saavi’s auto to Dalmia house to surprise Saavi. Other co-workers joins him. Vedika shows God idols to Saavi. She says that her husband used to perform puja every year.

Later, Saavi serves snacks to media people. Media reporter questions her. Saavi answers her questions. Media reporter compliments Saavi. Saavi’s co-workers comes there with Saavi’s auto. Saavi gets happy seeing her auto. She thanks Rajan. Nityam invites them to the house to save his reputation before media reporter. Dadi is upset that Saavi brought her co-workers. She sees Rajan coming out of the room. Rajan searches Munna and finds him using perfume. Dimpy tells Sonam to ruin the contract.

Saavi’s co-workers tries to leave. Dadi accuses Rajan of stealing God idols. Thasu informs everything to Nityam. Nityam asks media reporter to stop shooting and leave. Dadi asks Saavi to not speak. She says that Saavi is just an auto driver for her. Dimpy asks Girdhar to search Rajan. Girdhar searches Rajan. Vedika brings God idols saying that she took it to polish them. Dadi blames Vedika for everything and goes inside. Rajan and other co-workers leaves from there.

Vedika apologizes to Saavi on behalf of everyone. Saavi tells her that that’s fine and goes inside. Dimpy set off fire on house temple.

Episode ends.

Precap – Dimpy says this year abshagun happened. Sonam plans to burn the agarbati they made.

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