Saavi Ki Savaari 4th January 2023 Written Update: Saavi attempts to convince Nityam to visit the temple

Saavi Ki Savaari 4th January 2023 Written Update on

Episode begins with Sonam informs Nityam that she found app developer for their e-rickshaw project. Nityam gets happy hearing her and he orders food for them. Girdhar tells Vedika that Nityam said that he will be late tonight and will have dinner in the office. Saavi calls Vedika and tells her that she came to Goyal house to meet Sonam so she will be late today. Vedika tells her that she will send driver later. She wonders that why she is getting affected with Nityam and Sonam working together. Nutan gives tea to Saavi and says that Ratna is not in the house.

In the hospital, Ratna tells Krishna that she can’t die daily so he has to die today. She acts like crying seeing nurse. Nurse informs her that tomorrow specialist coming and Krishna will be fine soon and leaves from there. Ratna recalls that what Saavi said. She thinks that Krishna can’t become fine and removes his oxygen mask. She puts it back seeing Saavi there. Saavi asks her that what the latter is doing there. Ratna tells her that she know everything about Krishna. She blurt out that Krishna and Shivam are friends. Saavi decides to meet Shivam to know about Krishna.

Devraj gets prepared to pick Uma Devi up to reach the temple. Uma Devi teases him. Meanwhile, Saavi enters her room and finds Nityam sleeping. She tells herself that Shivam refused to talk to anyone so she will meet him Tuesday which is visitor’s day. Nityam gets up and opens the window. She gets surprised seeing fireworks for new year. They wishes happy new year to each other. He goes to bed and falls asleep. She smiles and tells good night to him.

Next day, Saavi prays to God for new year. Himesh tells Saavi that factory workers refused to come to factory. Vedika also hears that. She informs Saavi about their family tradition in which husband has to pick his wife and reach the temple. She says that Nityam never visits that temple. Saavi tells her that this time everything will be different.

Himesh scolds Dimpy for disturbing him. Dimpy thinks that he will be shocked knowing about Thasu’s affair. Thasu tells Thusar that Himesh is closed to Dimpy and she will lose hope in love if his love for her got over then. Himesh hears that. He tells Girdhar that Thasu should not know that he made her breakfast. Girdhar gives breakfast to Thasu. Thasu gets happy seeing so many dishes.

Nityam gets shocked seeing empty food boxes and he calls Girdhar angrily. Saavi comes there and tells him that she has answer for all of his questions. She says that she distributed the food to poor people which he ordered. He tells her that he won’t let her spoil his me time. He learns that she sent his expensive speakers to repair shop. He notices that business magazines are missing. He tells her that he know she is doing all this so he take her to temple. He says that he hate her this attitude.

Vedika tells Nityam that no one is coming to temple so she will go alone this year. Nutan comes there and gives coconut to Vedika. She gets emotional when talking about Nityam and Saavi’s relationship. She says that she is excited to see them performing the tradition as couple.

Episode ends.

Precap – Nityam takes Saavi to the temple. He tells her that she don’t know about the pain for which he refused to visit the temple.

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