Saavi Ki Savaari 4th November 2022 Written Update: Sonam burns Saavi’s passport

Saavi Ki Savaari 4th November 2022 Written Update on

Episode begins with Saavi recalls Nityam’s words. Vedika asks her that if Nityam said anything. Saavi tells her that she will inform her if he said anything then. She tells her that she made something for Ananya and leaves the kitchen. Thasu tells Vedika that something happened in between Saavi and Nityam for sure. Vedika tells her to ask something from Nityam which can bring Saavi and Nityam together. They gets an idea and they smiles at each other.

On the other hand, Ratna asks Nutan to tell Saavi about everything. Nutan tells her that they should not tell anything to Saavi. Ratna asks Brijesh to explain the matter to Nutan. Brijesh says that Dalmias need not to support them always. He says that no one should tell Saavi about this. He tells Ananya to go to Dalmia house to celebrate Bhai Dooj. Ananya asks Ratna to give gold neck piece to wear for today. But Ratna refuses to give her saying that she has to keep it safe for future. Ananya pleads her. Nutan tells Ratna to give the neck piece to Ananya. Ratna nods at her. Ananya gets ready.

After some time, Ananya reaches Dalmia house and she meets Saavi. She compliments Thasu. Thasu tells her that the latter’s neck piece is pretty. She takes her inside the house. Thasu says that she is seeing Behen Dooj first time. Vedika says that she is also seeing it first time but she is happy seeing two sisters supporting and protecting each other. Thasu and Ananya performs puja. Vedika tells Dadi that Nityam and Saavi’s qualities are similar. Dadi tells her that they are different.

Sonam meets Dimpy. Dimpy tells her that Nityam and Saavi may go for honeymoon. Sonam says that it was her dream to go to honeymoon as Mrs. Dalmia. She says that if she can’t go then she won’t let Saavi go too.

Nityam praises the taste of food. He asks Ananya that why the latter is not saying anything. She tells him that she is sleepy after eating so much. Saavi asks Dadi about Bhai Dooj food. Dadi tells her to not ask anyone about it. She says that every family has a secret which can’t be revealed. Meanwhile, Shivam thinks about something when eating.

Nityam gives many gifts to Thasu. He tells her that one more gift will reach later. Thasu thanks him. He moves aside to talk on a phone call. Saavi gives gift to Ananya. Ananya gets upset seeing the painting. Vedika praises Saavi. Ananya tells Saavi that this gift is not special and leaves from there. Himesh says that Dimpy would have enjoyed it if she was there then. Dimpy comes there and tells him that seems like Ananya is jealous. Saavi asks Ananya that what happened. Ananya apologizes to her. She says that she should not have behaved like that before Dalmias. She informs her that raw materials got burned.

Dimpy says that she is excited to see Nityam’s gifts. Thasu tells Nityam that she don’t want these gifts. She says that she want something else. He promises to fulfill her wish. She asks him to go for honeymoon with Saavi. She says that she wants this as Bhai Dooj. Dimpy says that this is the best chance for Nityam and Saavi to get to know each other. Saavi tells Vedika that she is going to drop Ananya. Thasu asks her to bring her passport. Meanwhile, Sonam burns Saavi’s passport.

Episode ends.

Precap – Nityam asks Ananya about contract preparations. Ratna fights with Brijesh. Saavi says that she will do something. Brijesh tells her that she don’t have any rights to support them.

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