Saavi Ki Savaari 6th January 2023 Written Update: Saavi decides to hire Tushar in the factory

Saavi Ki Savaari 6th January 2023 Written Update on

Episode begins with Nutan tells Goyal family that how Nityam carried Saavi to follow their family tradition. Ananya says that its romantic. Sonam gets jealous hearing her mother. She thinks that she will go to Delhi with Nityam no matter what so she could stop Nityam from getting close to Saavi and she calls someone. In the temple, people gossip about Saavi’s parikrama and they recognizes that Saavi is businessman Nityam’s wife. Saavi hurts her leg while doing parikrama. Vedika gets worried seeing that. Uma Devi asks Vedika to stop Saavi. Vedika tells her that Nityam has to react. People says that Nityam don’t care about Saavi at all.

Meanwhile, Thusar serves pasta to Thasu as his treat. Thasu tells him that it must be expensive. He tells her that he won’t work in the coffee shop permanently, even he has an engineering degree so he will pamper her always. She tells him that she will talk to Nityam about the latter’s job. He thanks her.

Kiran reaches the temple and sees people recording Saavi. Nityam asks Saavi to stop but she refuses to listen him. Vedika asks Nityam to leave his stubbornness and go to Saavi. Saavi feels dizzy and she is about to faint but Nityam holds her and pick her up and completes the parikrama and enters the temple. Dalmias gets happy seeing that. Nityam thinks that he and Vedika made no mistake and trusted God still God punished them like that. He cries while performing puja with Saavi and she wipes his tears.

In the car, Saavi tells Nityam that they should not keep pain in their heart. She asks him to talk about it. She says that she is glad he cried because he must be feeling little relieved. He tells her that he don’t know what he is feeling now but she was happy seeing him helpless. She tells him that she don’t know it will affect him like this. He asks her to stop lying and stop poking in his matters. She tells him that she did the right thing. They reaches the house. Saavi asks Girdhar to distribute prasad to servants.

Himesh asks Thasu that where she went. Thasu tells him that she don’t need his permission to do anything. She tries to talk to Nityam about Thusar’s job but Nityam interrupts and says that they will talk later. She feels bad and goes to her room.

Saavi follows Thasu and she tries to cheer her up. She tells her that the latter know about Nityam’s mood. Thasu tells her that Nityam must be arranging his cupboard now. Saavi asks her about the matter which the latter wanted to talk to Nityam. Thasu tells her about Thusar. Saavi tells her that Thusar may get job in their factory. Thasu thanks her. Dimpy overhears their conversation. She calls Thusar and asks him to get ready to make spark plug.

Episode ends.

Precap – Sonam tells Ratna that this Delhi trip will help her to get close to Nityam. She gets ready to leave for Delhi with Nityam.

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