Saavi Ki Savaari 8th November 2022 Written Update: Shivam confronts Sonam

Saavi Ki Savaari 8th November 2022 Written Update on

Episode begins with Saavi notices that Dimpy is drunk. Dimpy tells Himesh that she want to go for drive. Saavi tells Dimpy that the latter can’t drive at this state. She says that accident can happen. Dimpy tells her that her car is expensive one and it has all the safety equipments. Saavi tells her that not everyone has insurance. Himesh picks Dimpy up. He asks Saavi to not worry because he won’t let Dimpy go anywhere. He takes Dimpy to his room.

Nityam in his dream recalls that how he said that he lost his father due to Raksham. He breaks the photo of Raksham. Vedika asks him to not say like that because Raksham is his elder brother. He tells her that he don’t have any elder brother from now on. She hugs him. He screams Raksham’s name in his sleep. Saavi hears that and she holds his hand. She recalls that how Dadi said that every family has a secret which can’t be revealed. She thinks that even Vedika took Raksham name today. She wonders that who is this Raksham.

On the other hand, Sonam asks Shivam that why he came to meet her at this time. Shivam tells her that Drilogy is Dillu. He asks her that why Dillu framed him. She tells him that she don’t know anything. He tells her that he suspect Ratna too. He says that he want to know that if Ratna is also involved in this. She asks him that how can he suspect Ratna. She tells him that if he thinks that Ratna is involved in this then she will punish her. She asks him to leave because she don’t want any drama now. He leaves from there. Ratna overhears their conversation. She asks Sonam that how can the latter promise to Shivam like this. Sonam tells her that she told like that so Shivam could leave. She asks her to call Dillu and warn Dillu about Shivam.

Next day, Brijesh reads about accident news in the newspaper. Neighbor tells him about accident insurance money. Brijesh calls Saavi and asks her that where is his insurance papers. Saavi asks him that why
he is asking about it now. He tells her that he want to keep it safe. She finds insurance papers and gives it to him. He gets surprised seeing her there. She informs her family that from today Raju will drive her auto. She asks them that if they saw her passport. Ratna recalls that how she and Sonam burnt Saavi’s passport. She says that she did not saw. Sonam tells Saavi that she will search in the room.

Brijesh says that he is glad they are having breakfast together today. Saavi tells him that everything will be fine. He tells her that she is right. Saavi gives her auto papers to Raju. Nityam calls Raju and asks him to meet his technical team. Raju tells him that he won’t work with him. Nityam assumes that Saavi brainwashed Raju. Nutan gives Tulsi plant to Saavi and asks her to do puja of Tulsi plant. Saavi says that she is leaving. Brijesh hugs her. He thinks that he won’t get another chance.

Episode ends.

Precap – Brijesh tries to get into an accident. Saavi tries to stop him.

Episode begins with Saavi comes out of the house. She recalls Brijesh’s words. She talks to her auto. She says that problems keep coming one by one. She says that it would have been good if she can drive her auto to earn money to help her family. She says that she is not understanding anything. Raju calls Saavi and asks her to meet him. She learns that his auto is repair. She plans to give her auto to Raju and get half of his earning. She asks her auto to not get upset that because she don’t have any other choice.

On the other hand, Sonam asks Ratna that why the latter is helping her. Ratna tells her that Saavi is not her enemy. She says that she has to think about herself first. She reminds her that how the latter gave her necklace before marriage. She says that she lost her mother’s necklace even though Saavi is daughter in law of Dalmias. She says that in this house everyone doing what they wants to do so she will do what she want to do. She adds that she know only Sonam deserves to become a Dalmia so she will help her. She says that Saavi feels suffocated to live as Dalmia so she is helping her too. Sonam thanks her. She tells her that she won’t disappoint her. She says that she will take care of the family after she is becoming a Dalmia.

Saavi waits for Raju. Raju comes there. She tells him that she need his help. She asks him that why he called her to come. He tells her that he has good news to share with her. She tells him that she want to give her auto to him. She tells her plan to him. He recalls Nityam’s job offer. He asks her that why she is facing problem after getting married to Dalmia. He tells her that he can do anything for her. She asks him that what he wanted to tell her. He hides about his job offer from her. He tells her that nothing matters for him than her happiness. She gives her auto key to him.

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