Saavi Ki Savaari 9th November 2022 Written Update: Saavi learns about Raju’s job offer

Saavi Ki Sawaari 9th November 2022 Written Update on

Episode begins with Brijesh recalls the moments he shared with Saavi. Saavi leaves the house. Later, Nutan says that she feel like everything will be fine. Ratna tells her that nothing changed. On the other hand, Saavi reminds Vedika about her medicine. Vedika tells her that the latter can give tough competition to Nityam in taking care of her. Saavi tells her to not praise her too much. Vedika acts like a strict mother in law. Saavi tells her that the latter can’t do that.

Vedika says that she thought she will have a daughter in her second pregnancy but Nityam born. She adds that she did not cut Nityam’s hair for two years and made him ready like a girl. Saavi tells her that she thought Nityam is her only son. Vedika changes the topic. She says that cook did not come today so she has to cook dinner. Saavi tells her that she will make dinner. She suggests to make ‘dal bafla’. She informs her that she learnt to make ‘dal bafla’ from Brijesh. 

Meanwhile, Brijesh asks his family to make ‘dal bafla’. Ratna tauntingly says that they don’t have enough ingredients to make ‘dal bafla’.

Vedika tells Saavi that she like ‘dal bafla’ so much. Saavi goes to the kitchen. Kiran informs Nityam that Raju took Saavi’s auto for rent to drive. Nityam enters the house. He asks Vedika about Saavi. Vedika informs him that Saavi is making dinner for everyone. She informs Saavi that Nityam asked about her. She tastes the chutney and praises the taste. Nityam comes there and tells her that it’s time for her medicine. She tells him that Saavi gave medicine to her already. He asks her to leave saying that he will help. She sends staffs from there and she also leaves the kitchen. 

Nityam tells Saavi that lower middle-class people thinking is so low. Saavi tells him that he is cutting the onions wrongly. He cut his finger by mistake and he screams. She applies haldi on his finger. Vedika sees that and leaves from there. Nityam talks about Raju without taking his name. Saavi tells him that she is not understanding anything. He reveals about the job offer he gave to Raju. She understands that Raju rejected the job offer for her. He leaves the kitchen. Thasu teases Nityam for helping Saavi in kitchen work. 

Saavi tells Raju that she would not have asked him to drive her auto if she know about Nityam’s job offer then. Raju tells her that he was not interested in that job. Nutan gives ‘dal bafla’ to Brijesh. She informs him that Saavi sent it. He eats it. She video calls Saavi and gives the phone to Brijesh. He tells Saavi that he wanted to eat this. He says that he will sleep peacefully today. He talks about his death. He asks her to take care of everyone. She asks him to not talk like that. 

Next day, Brijesh says that he is going out to buy raw materials for agarbatti. Raju gives yesterday’s half earning to Brijesh. Meanwhile, Saavi performs Tulsi’s plant puja. She reads accident news in the newspaper. She recalls that how Brijesh asked her about insurance papers. 

Episode ends. 

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