Saavi Ki Sawaari 13th September 2022 Written Update: Sonam gets engaged with Shivam

Saavi Ki Sawaari 13th September 2022 Written Update:on

Episode begins with Saavi wonders that where Sonam went. Nutan calls Saavi and tells her that her friend Renu came to do make-up. Saavi tells her that she forgot cancel the appointment. Nutan asks her to do make-up because they can’t send Renu like this. Saavi hopes that Sonam reaches the engagement venue on time. On the other hand, Sonam asks Shivam that he is talking about which engagement. Shivam tells her that he thought she knew about engagement that’s why she came in this outfit. She tells him that she got ready for her cousin marriage. She says that she came after seeing that stupid video. She tells him that she is getting late so she has to leave now. He shows their engagement rings to her.

Meanwhile, Vedika compliments Nityam. Guest asks Vedika to introduce to Nityam’s future wife. Saavi’s family comes there. Guest assumes Saavi as Nityam’s future wife. She says that girl is really beautiful. Vedika clears her misunderstanding. She welcomes Saavi’s family. Saavi takes Vedika’s blessings. Vedika compliments her. She talks about Saavi’s marriage. Nityam takes Nutan and Ratna’s blessings on Vedika’s behest. Ratna tells Ananya that decoration is so beautiful.

Nityam takes Saavi aside to talk to her. Dimple and Himesh sees that. She tells him that she gets irritated seeing Saavi because auto driver don’t deserve to enter their house. Nityam asks Saavi that where is Sonam. Saavi tells her that Sonam must be getting ready in the parlour. Shivam asks Sonam that if she changed her decision. Sonam notices knife. She tells him that she will get engaged with him today.

Nityam asks Saavi to take Sonam’s place. Saavi gets shocked hearing him. He asks her to clear the misunderstanding of journalists. She asks him that how can she do that. He tells her that she is habituated to talk a lot. He says that this engagement happening today because of Saavi. He asks her to tell journalists that she is not his future wife. Journalists comes there. They questions Nityam and Saavi. Nityam tells them that Saavi will answer their questions. Saavi says that her sister Sonam going to get married with Nityam. Nityam tells journalists that engagement is private ceremony so they can’t see Sonam. Journalists leaves from there.

Krishna clicks Shivam and Sonam’s photos. Sonam and Shivam exchanges the rings. Krishna records it. Vedika tells Nutan that guests asking about Sonam. Nutan tells her that Sonam will come soon. Nityam learns that Sonam is not in the parlour. He asks Saavi that why she sent wrong location to him. He calls Sonam and notices Sonam’s phone in Saavi’s hand. Sonam comes there. She apologizes to Nityam for coming late. She says that Saavi would have sent wrong location to Nityam.

Vedika says that it does not look like Sonam did make-up. Saavi takes Sonam inside. She asks her that what happened but the latter refuses say anything. She takes her to the stage. Dimpy notices that Sonam looks tensed. Sonam puts ring on Nityam’s finger. Nityam notices ring on Sonam’s ring finger. Sonam thinks that she forgot to remove the ring. Everyone notices the ring. Nityam asks Sonam about the ring.

Episode ends.

Episode begins with Saavi reaches her house. Neighbors gossips about Saavi. Ratna asks them to leave from there. She hugs Saavi. She tells her that she knows it was not her mistake. She asks her to handle Sonam. Sonam drags Saavi to the room. Nutan notices neighbors. She misunderstands that they are worried about Saavi. Saavi asks Sonam that what happened. Sonam tells her that she was worried about her. Saavi tells her that she is fine now. She says that she stuck in the rain before too but that time Sonam was not this much worried. Sonam tells her that she will leave this house after marriage. She says that she is glad Saavi found Nityam there. She asks her that what they talked about. Saavi tells her that nothing special.

Sonam tells Ratna that Saavi don’t know about horoscope matter. Ratna gets relieved hearing her. She thanks God. Saavi watches the news. She apologizes to Sonam. Sonam tells her that it’s a small matter and she don’t care about it. Saavi tells her that the latter handling everything in mature way nowadays. She wonders that how Nityam will react. Dalmia’s asks Nityam to open the door. Vedika tells Nityam that journalists are like that only. Nityam opens the door. He tells Vedika that his engagement will happen tomorrow not next week. He asks her to inform Sonam’s family. Vedika and other people gets excited.

Dalmia’s sends gifts to Sonam house. Sonam’s family learns about engagement date. Ratna tells Nutan that Vedika prepared everything so they need not to worry about anything. Nutan reminds her that they did not buy ring for Nityam yet. Brijesh tells her that Saavi will withdraw money from bank. He recalls that how he told Saavi to not spend her winning money for this family. He asks Saavi to go to jeweller because it’s about Sonam’s happiness. Sonam says that this family’s fate will change after her engagement. Saavi wonders that how she is going to arrange money now.

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